Second Edition Wool Books!

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  1. That looks amazing! At first, I totally thought it looked like the cover had foil on it –you know, like the special collector’s editions of prized cards or something. Wow, Mike. You’re awesome! Since Hugh said “all the covers” I’m assuming the other installments are in the works as well! I would definitely like to see the box art for it all when the time comes!

  2. The second video does not start. It says it’s private.

  3. I want one of those books signed by Mike Tabor. Mike, you listening?

  4. Hmm… When I see the word “wool”, I automatically think about yarn and fabric (lazy knitter here). But when you held up the Omnibus, I saw steel wool. If I was seeing the book in a store, that tiny brain blip would have me reaching for the book to check it out. I didn’t have that reaction to the cover art on Amazon or Facebook. It must be the shiny, which shows up well in the video. Interesting.

    It does look really great. I’ve always found covers that relate directly to a story element to be the best kind.

  5. Great cover art. I really like how Mike kept the integrity of the original WOOL cover. But man I need to get that omnibus. Plus I kinda want to get a copy of WOOL with the original cover. I still LOVE your original cover. Is that still do-able or are those super collectible now…

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