Discussion Time!

Oh boy, am I both glad for these weekly releases and in absolute agony! Turns out waiting a week for your own show to come out is even worse than waiting for someone else’s show. Not only am I dying to see these on my home theater (rather than my laptop) and without watermarks, I’m absolutely dying to hear what everyone thinks about each episode!

Something I didn’t expect: how much discussion there would be online about Silo. There are so many threads, videos, podcasts, discords, chat groups, etc. It’s a lot of fun watching people puzzle this together (those who haven’t read the books) and also to see OG readers stifling their glee (and dread) over all the twists and turns to come.

A round-up of interesting places to discuss Silo with fellow viewers:

Official Facebook Group:



Wires From the Deep

Wool-Shift-Dust – A Silo Podcast

The Cleaning (video podcast)

Silo Premiere Recap (eps 1 and 2)

The Streaming Heap (eps 1 and 2)

This Subreddit has a bunch of fun threads:


There’s a Reddit hub for all Season 1 discussions:

Silo Season 1 Hub

YouTube Videos:

Eps 1 and 2 Review and Recap

WOOL: The basics of the Silo Series

My thoughts on Episode 1 (spoilers!)

My thoughts on Episode 2 (spoilers!)

What am I missing? Share anything else in the comments.

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  1. Discord! The Down Deep has a weekly watch party, plus Silo Bingo before each new episode; there are spoiler-free channels for those who are new to the series, and channels for those who are OG book readers (chock full of spoilers).


  2. I lived the book series. I watched the pilot loved it and I’m waiting until more episodes drop to binge them.

  3. Bryan Shipley Avatar

    As author/executive producer how much influence do you have in the product shown. Is there plans to do more? Is there new pressures (self inflicted) to do something better?

  4. Just finished watching Ep2 and I am here for it. Imagine my shock and delight at finding out that the series is based on a book series! Your book series!

  5. Brian James Allen Avatar
    Brian James Allen

    Hi Hugh,
    I was looking forward to watching the series on my TV, but disappointed as I do not have Apple TV .
    I can possibly get it for a trial period I suppose.
    Regards .

  6. As far as viewership stats, I really hope Apple understands that many of us won’t even acknowledge a show—especially a AAA one—until every episode is available for binging. In Silo’s case that means we’re avoiding discussion and spoilers until June 29th, and I’m sure there will be a viewership spike then.

    Growing up I always hated having to wait week-by-week for a beloved show, and streaming was supposed to solve that! (Well, Netflix gets this.) Now we watch two shows of whatever we’re watching per night, which is a nice pace, since we can finish most shows in less than a week. Sure, we may miss out on discussion, but we’re asocial introverts anyway, and would love to live in a silo. ;)

  7. Dan from Raleigh Avatar
    Dan from Raleigh

    After being blown away by the first episode, I had to know more. Bought the trilogy and finished Wool before episode 3 aired. Top notch and I’m enjoying the differences between the two already (Judiciary what?). Glad to see another NC native blow up the Sci-fi scene since OSC, even though I’m over a decade late to your party.

  8. Why didn’t they simply remove one blade on the other side of the spinning generator thing to balance it?

  9. I think juliett should have a twin sister or sister who somehow is tied to the silo, back home etc..and somehow os an enemy at first, then become allies….maybe that’s a character for me 😄

  10. The show has been a blast so far. I’ve been recommending it to everyone and it has inspired me to re-read the books for the first time in years. Congrats, Hugh!

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