Do Book Trailers Work?

2 responses to “Do Book Trailers Work?”

  1. If the question is “does it work” I have a question for you in return – How do people end up seeing these videos? Does it get posted on Amazon? I guess I’m thinking that if I watched this video, I’d totally be intrigued about the book. But how would I have come across it?

  2. Getting it on Amazon would be amazing… sort of THIS generations new “inside cover” description of the book… you know, for the “I want it spoon-fed to me know” generation… But who am I to speak, I listen to more books from than anyone I know!
    Another idea is that that modes like facebook could help by having the gazillions of friends and friends-of-friends tagging each other by saying something like “… if I had to cross the universe with anyone looking for my dead father’s abandon/marooned spaceship, I hope it’s you…” or something to that effect.
    I LOVE the trailer though :)

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