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Dumber than a Sixth Grader

Jordan is in the sixth grade. He made the following book trailer for an English class project. Compare this with my first book trailer, which I made a few years ago. Yup, outdone by a sixth grader. The story of my life since third grade.

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Hugh, I think your 6th grade book trailer is really CUTE! Oh… you mean you weren’t in 6th grade? How awkward for me.

P.S. Jordan just offered (on YouTube) to make me a book trailer! But since my first Silo story has some very tame sexy scenes, I suggested he have a parent read it first and see if it’s appropriate for him. Wouldn’t want to give him an early education!

My second story has even more sex, but not at all graphic. Do sci-fi readers not like sex in their stories? Do they not know about it? JK!

You’ll have to read my books to find out. Or ask Amber. I’m sure she’ll be able to bring you up to speed.

Wow! I’ve taught 5th and 6th graders. This is so impressive! If I hadn’t read the book already, this video would make me want to. In fact, it actually does make me want to read it again :)

Hi Hugh – this (JDL’s) book trailer is hard to watch all the way through, only it makes you want to grab Wool and start reading it. No disrespect to S&S, but I’ve never liked/understood the video trailer on your “official” Wool page. I think you should change out the S&S video for this one, and see what responses you get. You said in your Google hangout with the APE crew that your book cover designer (Jason?) was so in love with Wool that he went to his art director and said, “Make me part of this project.” And his passion shows in the book cover design. This 6th grader’s video has the same intensity. You also said in the Google hangout that you totally did not want a “generally acceptable” book cover that announces “This is a science fiction book” – you wanted something unique. I think the S&S video is generic in the same “this-is-a-typical-science-fiction-story-so-if-you-like-science-fiction-you-will-like-this-book-too” kind of way. (If you like, you can read the sentence in your best R. Daneel Olivaw voice.)

[Darn phone typing] – Correction – “this (JDL’s) book trailer is hard to watch all the way through, only BECAUSE it makes you want to grab Wool and start reading it.”

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