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Patrice Fitzgerald just released the second book in her Karma series. The first book (The Sky Used to be Blue) took off like a banshee, and I hear this one is even better. Mike Tabor is doing the covers for her works, which makes me feel a bit like Jon Stewart. Nothing would make me happier than sitting here at my old desk while the far more talented people around me have glimmering careers that put my five minutes of fame to shame. Seriously, I fantasize about such things.

Along with Patrice and W.J. Davies, another writer sure to outshine me is Jason Gurley. The second part of his series is out now. I love these covers. Be sure to check out part one. It’s been doing very well.

You know, I have no idea why people even want to write in a world I made up; it’s surreal to me. I certainly don’t ask anyone to or expect it. But I find it incredibly flattering that talented writers are exploring the silos, and I love that you all are supporting them. I just hope I can ask these authors to write blurbs for my books one day. I notice Jon Stewart’s books are slathered with far more famous names — those people who have gracefully left him in the dirt. Don’t forget about me, Patrice and Wes and Jason!

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  1. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
    Patrice Fitzgerald


    You are the most giving, generous writer I know, and if I become so rich and famous that I buy a yacht, I’ll invite you on it, and we can swab the deck and eat the canapes all on the same level!

    I really don’t know how to thank you for all you’ve done to support my work and that of Wes, Jason, and the rest of the LOOW (that’s the League of Original Woolwrights, doncha know?)

    I know that I’m totally immersed in writing in the Silo world, having a grand time, and continuously amazed at all the possibilities you’ve given us to explore…

    Thanks, Hugh, for paying it forward.


    1. Hey, thank the people who gave me a leg up. It’s all coming from somewhere ahead of me. Douglas Preston, Daniel Suarez, NorLights Press, my mom and my wife. Everything has been practically handed to me. It makes it all feel so undeserved.

      1. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
        Patrice Fitzgerald

        Speaking of your mom… a friend of my daughter’s in L.A. worked for your mom. In a yarn shop? Am I making that up? That sounds too unlikely… yarn, wool, a yarn about WOOL….

        Anyway, small world, eh? She says your mom is an awesome lady. Which I can believe.

        I have to go read one of your shorts! I’ve been a WOOL purist. But Mike Tabor tells me “Halfway Home” is awesome. Next on my list, now that I’ve finished Jason Gurley’s amazing “Greatfall” (both I and II… if you want to be scared) and as soon as I finish “The Pawn,” by LOOW member Thomas Robins…

  2. Awesome. I just finished reading The Sky Used to be Blue and was immediately intrigued by the sample of the next book in the series. Off to check it out, or buy it rather. :)

    Haven’t read the Greatfall stuff yet by Jason Gurely, but I will. I’ll also have a peek at Thomas Robins’ silo contribution.

    Thanks for being generous, Hugh. And to all the writers out there, keep the fanfic coming.

    1. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
      Patrice Fitzgerald

      Thanks so much, Roshawn! It’s very cool to meet people in “real time” who reading my work. I’d love to hear what you think of #2, “Cleaning Up.”

      Drop me a line when you’ve finished. My husband thought it was even better than the first… but it’s rather different. And #3 will be different again! I’m halfway done with that. “Deep Justice” is the title. Another very cool Mike Tabor cover.

  3. Ms. Fitzgerald’s stories make a fine addition to the WOOLiverse! It feels like she is shining a light on another Silo – in her own style but with a similar tone to the original. I read “The Sky Used to be Blue” last week, and “Cleaning Up” last night, and really enjoyed both. I haven’t tried any of the other authors’ contributions yet, but definitely plan to.

    1. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
      Patrice Fitzgerald

      I so appreciate it, Holly! As exciting as it is to write these new explorations of Hugh’s world, it’s also a challenge to make sure we don’t let him… or the fans… down. I’m very much enjoying Jason’s work in Greatfall, and I just read The Pawn… so many cool concepts!

      1. You are definitely being true to the story and environment! Karma’s experiences fit right in with those of Jules and Donald; the whole thing flows along without disrupting the continuity. I love the whole fanfic thing in this case – keeps me from going into Silo withdrawal, and there are countless stories that could be told. And I love that Hugh is so willing to allow (and encourage) other authors to contribute to the world he created.

        1. Patrice Fitzgerald Avatar
          Patrice Fitzgerald

          He’s amazing.

          Wait till you see what happens to Karma in #3 “Deep Justice.”

          Nearly finished drafting today!

          1. Oh boy… I’ll keep my eyes open. Just downloaded both Greatfall and The Pawn – will look forward to getting back into the WOOLiverse as soon as I finish Joe Hill’s newest (I’m a late convert to sci-fi from horror, still a sucker for a good scare.)

  4. Holly, don’t foret about The Runner!

    Hugh, rest assured we will never forget about you. NEVER….

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