Entire SILO series for $1.99!

I had no idea this sale was going on until a reader shared it with me. I also have no idea how long it will last. But right now, you can get the SILO saga (WOOL, SHIFT, and DUST) for $1.99! That’s about $60 off the retail price!

This set includes three SILO stories released last year with the box set, and I’d say at this price, it’s worth it for those three stories alone. Heck, I grabbed a copy just to have the whole set on all my devices!

Grab now while you can, and share with your friends and neighbors. Deals like this don’t come along often!


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  1. Hey Hugh — As a fellow indie author, I’m perplexed by putting essentially one’s entire catalog on sale for two bucks. Maybe it’s to get existing readers warmed up for a big upcoming release? I suppose the extra boost would buy a new sail or two by getting existing readers to re-up in a way they otherwise wouldn’t? If it’s to get new readers of the I-only-buy-books-when-they’re-insanely-cheap variety, where’s the sell-through?

    Whatever the answers, I now have all that reading in one place on my devices and am prompted to put them in my to read/read again pile.

    Thanks for all the fisth.

    1. Speaking personally – he managed to shake a new sale out of me. Two dollars to get the entire catalog on Kindle is worth it for me, even though I’ve already read and enjoyed the books. That’s $2 he wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.

      His Twitter account (boo, Twitter. Stop giving money to billionaires) says that there’s big announcements coming next week, so it could be a promo.

    2. Wasn’t me. My publisher (Harper Collins) ran the promotion. But I’m a huge fan of massive temporary discounts like this. It raises the series’ profile for when it’s off sale. This is a book series that’s been out for over a decade now, and it’s always great to move it up the charts and get visibility with new readers.

      Also: I’ll never earn out the advance I got from the publisher, so royalties are no longer a concern. In another four years or so, I’ll get all the rights back and be able to self-publish or go to another publishing house. Hope that answers your question!

  2. That’s actually kind of awesome, thanks! I’ll pick that up for my ereader.

    Hey, can we expect you on Mastodon anytime soon? I haven’t had a twitter account since 2015, and I’ve seen a LOT of SFF authors join lately!

    1. I should be over there more. I’m not sure what server I’m on and how that affects things.

      1. It doesn’t effect much, although it’s an extra step sometimes to follow people (I recommend a browser plugin, “Graze”, for integration when you’re browsing people’s profiles on other servers).

        It’s basically like an email address. It’s not super important which server you pick, it’s not trivial to move but it’s not difficult either. They’re working on making it a more seamless process (followers and follows come with you when you migrate servers, but posts don’t).

        Anyway, I’m sure you’d see a welcoming response, I bet a lot of people would be happy to hear from you on the other side. Let us know if you figure out where your account is, or if you open a new one. I hear https://writing.exchange/public/local is pretty good, but YMMV.

        Have a lovely evening!

  3. Sold! Just got my copies. Thanks for the heads-up (and the awesome series).

  4. A deal!

  5. Thank you for letting me know…bought them right away!

  6. Note that this is also available same price on google play books

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