Fan-Made Silo in Unreal Engine

Incredible work by Eekseye over on YouTube. As a fan of the show, they decided to recreate the ENTIRE SILO in Blender and Unreal Engine. By the end of the video, you’ll see them running around in the silo. Feels like a good start to a great video game to me… :)

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  1. Wilder Bellamy Avatar
    Wilder Bellamy


  2. Awesome!

  3. Everett Morris Avatar

    Agreed. The work behind that is mind boggling. Great work. And yes, a game based on the books would make me super happy.

  4. Awesome model and a great exercise to undertake.

    As far as video games go though, I think I’d much rather play SAND. Exploring Springston, taking on side quests, crafting and upgrading a diving suit. Diving into the depths of Danvar (managing air and seeing the world through the visor). Fighting off bandits in the desert, sailing over the sand. Honestly, it’s got open world AAA video game written all over it (IMHO).

  5. I was under the impression that the floor plates of the levels were off-center in most of the Silo (i.e. there is no open center space that goes for 130 levels). In one reference to the ability to commit suicide by jumping, it’s said that some floor (in the Mids?) was the preferred spot because you had an open fall of 20+ levels. Anyone else remember that/have that impression?

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