SDCC Panel Times

If you want to find me at San Diego Comic Con, here are the two panels I’m on and my two signing times:

Friday at 6pm in Room 11: How to use Hypnotic Language for Dynamic Storytelling

Friday 8pm in Room 23ABC: Ghostwriting: Spirits of Vengeance in Literature

Thursday 2:30-7pm at AA23: Signing Whatever You Bring

Friday 3:30-5:30pm at AA16: Signing Whatever You Bring

Books should be on sale in the bookstore within the con, but they might sell out. Still time to order copies online to your hotel room or check local bookstores! If you see me in the con, say hello. I’ll be with Wonder Woman.

4 responses to “SDCC Panel Times”

  1. Will there be recordings of the panels available for those of us who can’t attend?

  2. Beth Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Beth Fitzpatrick

    Check your messenger, you are being impersonated!

  3. I assume that will be Shay in the Wonder Woman cosplay(?)

    Can’t make it to SDCC this year but would be happy to offer you four passes to the Exploratorium if you end up on San Francisco again.

  4. Are you still going to be at AA16 Friday?

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