FlipBook Unboxing Part 2

The first two of these flipbooks came in last week, and I unboxed them here. Just got the latest two in, and the video is below. I LOVE how these things came out. The matte covers are sweet. And the pagination looks great. This has been a really fun project, and a commenter on Twitter today highlighted the need for it. There are a lot of readers who only read print, and delivering short fiction to them is tricky.

More to come. These two volumes will be available on Amazon and through bookstores in a week or so. Volumes 1 and Volumes 2 are already available.

9 responses to “FlipBook Unboxing Part 2”

  1. “The Box”-side really looks great. Easy but striking. Good job!!! And do not throw away the proof-copies. You know where to send them in case you do not need them ;-)

    1. You got it. It’ll all collect here at my mother’s until the next Pot Luck. :)

  2. Who do you have them print through? I tried doing one with CreateSpace a few years back, and they said they wouldn’t print flip books.

    1. Oops! Nm. I asked right before you answered (Ingram & Lightning Source).

  3. Those are some great covers. I’m curious about how they are made though, when you’re working with the template. Do you have to do anything different, or does the company pair two together? I tried basic searching and kept coming up with drawing them, or making photo books, lol. NOT the right kinda books, Haha.

  4. I rarely buy print anymore, but I have to admit, I really like those. I am especially keen on getting Second Suicide flip.

  5. kathy czarnecki Avatar
    kathy czarnecki

    Peace In Amber is my favorite story you have written. I look forward to adding the flip book to my collection.

  6. Oh my God, I love this!!!! Walk Up Nameless Ridge and Peace in Amber are the only ones of these I have so far so this is the perfect opportunity for me to pick them all up!

  7. Are volumes 1 and 2 going to be available for a while and will there be enough copies that I could wait until when the next 2 come out to purchase all 4?

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