FlipBook Unboxing

UPDATE: The TwinPacks are now available! Vol 1 is right here. And here is Vol 2.

First unboxing video in a while. A load of foreign editions arrived at my mom’s place here in the mountains, and proof copies of a special little project I’ve been working on.

I also want to welcome everyone to the new website, developed by Kristin Faulkner, who — as her website attests — makes magic with WordPress. The site is designed to be a little more static than the old blog, as there will be weeks where I won’t be able to update it. But you’ll be able to follow my travels with the Gallery page, which organizes the trip on a world map. Sorting books and finding what you want is easier on the Books page. And those who want Writing posts vs. Boat posts will find separate pages for each.

It looks great on mobile devices as well. Have fun kicking the tires. Now here’s the unboxing:

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  1. LOL! I gasped out loud, cause you sent me the first two German hardbacks in the potluck. I’ll gladly buy a copy of the third! :D

  2. video is somehow inside out – book titles read like they would in a mirror

  3. These look amazing. Right as I asked, “why didn’t he use Create Space?” you answered my question. Needing meta data on the cover makes my own book look less like the narrator’s journal, which is what I was shooting for. Maybe I need to look at lightning source for another edition.

    If your Japanese edition of Wool if on search of a good home, I’m willing to provide one! :)

  4. I think the flip books are a great idea!! They really turned out beautifully and I can’t wait until they are available to purchase. And I would also love to give those Japanese editions a good home (since I studied Japanese briefly. Doesn’t mean I could actually read them mind you but still.. :-D)

  5. I would love a copy of those Japanese editions. Looks like they are in high demand! The flip books are cool. I’m definitely getting the Walk Up Nameless Ridge, it’s one of my favorite stories.

  6. Congratulations on your new dynamic website. I so enjoyed watching you unwrap the packages and seeing the different covers. How cool was the hardback in German with the detail of ribbon. I was not in the original potluck; however, I would treasure receipt of a random copy. Thank you for the inspiration of the flip book, especially the one where you did not disturb the art work. Awe-mazing! I look forward to following you on your journey from South Africa and treasure watching each phase of the building of each section of your book and seeing the sails bolted down. Ahoy. You are the best.

  7. Love the flip-books! I’d also like to be in on the next potluck since I missed the last one. Good luck to you on your round the world voyage. It will fun to follow you on that. Your vessel is beautiful. Glad you are getting to live your dream. So many do not get that chance. I wish for you safe and fun travels. Will you occasionally dock somewhere for a while so you can go home to visit your family? As a mom I’d want my son to come home at times for visits. ;) I am sure yours would too.

  8. Great website and awesome covers. Don’t worry, I watched the videos through a mirror. ;)

  9. Hi Hugh! I am in Evelyn’s writing group and just loved the video if you opening up those special books. I would absolutely love to have a copy of one of the German books. If you send one, I’ll get the other ones in the set to be complete. I am surely going to get the flip books and may think of doing that sometime down the road withy short stories. I do lol forward to following you as you travel and explore. Thanks! Much success!

  10. OMG those flipbook are genius. Will definitely be buying!

  11. Patty Robertson Avatar
    Patty Robertson

    Great crossover idea with enhanced viewing!

  12. Love the flipbook idea! I hope you don’t mind if I use it in the future!

    It was interesting watching this video in mirror image. It wasn’t a problem for me, I have a unique (some would say freakish) ability to write and read in mirror image.

  13. Flip books are fun! They were very popular all through my childhood. I was tickled to find Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys flip books at B&N last Christmas and bought a couple for their donation program. You did good work on yours. They look great!

  14. I love the dual story paperback. It reminds me of what Ace used to do back in the day.

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  17. Will these be available on Amazon in the UK or US only?

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  19. I like the look of the site, but functionally, it’s a pain to navigate. You can’t just easily click on the first blog post you missed, which may be several ago and then read and click to next. You have to hover over the images, figure out which ones you haven’t read yet (no excerpts), and right click and open in a new tab if you don’t want to go back to the index every single time you’re done with an article.

    So works great for pages, I guess? The blog it does not.

  20. Angel Tirrell-Voss Avatar
    Angel Tirrell-Voss

    So excited, ordered my copies :)

  21. Hello I was just wondering if the flipbooks will be available to ship to Australia as well, not just the US? Thanks, all the books look great!

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