Let’s Kickstart a WOOL Film

WOOL_hi-resI know a ton of you are dying to see the world of WOOL come to life on the big or small screen. So I’m here to tell you how we can help make this happen: There has been some stirrings on the film side of things, and even the pessimist in me is sitting up and taking note of what’s going on. You may have seen the news that Nicole Perlman was hired to write a script for Ridley Scott. Now I’m going to tell you how we can really improve the odds of something going forward. And we only have a few months to do it, because come October, the option will expire, and I’ll be shopping the project to studios again.

How do things get greenlit in Hollywood? By calculating risk. By looking at what similar films have done in the box office, and by looking at what kind of audience the source material has. WOOL has sold a ton of copies. A big bunch of tons. It has hit the New York Times list several times, in several formats (paperback, hardback, ebook). It’s been a Sunday Times bestseller in the UK. It’s the #1 work of science fiction in history in Taiwan. The work is in 40 languages. Millions of copies have been sold around the world.

Now we just need to amp up the noise for a few weeks.

To that end, I’ve dropped the price of the Omnibus to $2.99. And the same for SHIFT. And the same for DUST. You can get the entire trilogy for under $9 — less than the cost of a single novel from major publishers.

This is a steal. Most of you already own these works, so you can’t buy them to boost the noise, which leaves us trying to convince friends and family to pick up the novels. Even if they won’t read them for a long while, let them know that their $8.97 is going to help kickstart a major motion picture. Yes, it really has the potential to do that. For less than $9, or the cost of a movie ticket, they can help make your dream come true.

Oh, and my dream. :)

If this gains some steam, I’ve got some surprises in store. But first, we need to see if we can get the entire trilogy up into the top 500 on Amazon. They don’t have far to go. Then I’ll announce the next goal, and the crazy stunts I’m going to pull. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that this is a lot of fun reading material for very little money. So remind your friends that they don’t need Kindles to read these books. They can read on their computers, their iPads, their phones, pretty much anything with a screen. Or they can buy all three e-book editions simply to give the film chances a huge boost. Or they can get the works in print if they like. It all helps.

Just think: You could be the reason that Juliette comes to life on the big screen. How freaking awesome would that be? And how awesome to see a major motion picture kickstarted via social media and the voice of thousands of dedicated fans? We’ve seen this happen on Kickstarter, and I think it’s possible to influence a major studio as well. You all are already the reason this series has made so much noise and has sold so well around the world.

Some of you will convince one other person. Some of you have already sold dozens of friends on the series, and I’m sure you’ll be able to scrounge up more. Let’s get creative. For the rest of this month and the entire month of July, I’m leaving these prices at rock-bottom levels. And I’ve got some really wacky ideas to come. Some that may be more humiliating than previous crazy stunts I’ve pulled.

Here’s a trailer from Random House UK to get you pumped:

And here are the three books, if you want to share links:

WOOL_hi-resShift Front CoverDUST PLC 1200

Fingers and toes crossed!








23 responses to “Let’s Kickstart a WOOL Film”

  1. Hugh, when this thing happens (there’s no way it won’t happen), can I pretty, pretty, pretty please play Juliette??? :) Sharing with my world.

  2. So good I just bought a second copy. Hope your dreams come true.

  3. Getting DUST now. This film must happen, and it will be awesome when it does.

    Good looking new website format, by the way. :)

  4. I’ve been meaning to pick up Dust and Shift for a while now! Perfect time to grab them :) I’ll be spreading the word as much as I can, I’d love to see Will and the big screen. You’re such an inspiration to self published authors Hugh, I’m happy to help!

  5. We can also gift the titles on Kindle ;)

  6. Michelle Winkle Avatar
    Michelle Winkle

    I read and eagerly anticipated each book as they came out. I’ve watched the trailer fire the movie. Please put this movie Into production!!!!

  7. April Leonhardt Avatar
    April Leonhardt

    This movie really needs to be made!!!

  8. “Buy my book’s today again!”
    This sentence would have been enough! Of course I BOUGHT all three. Really want to SEE the Silo.

  9. Sold! Have wanted to buy these for a long time, Hugh. Also bought the Wool, Shift, Dust omnibuses audio versions for only $1.99 more for each!

  10. Bill Francesconi Avatar
    Bill Francesconi

    I will tell everyone I know to download this awesome series now! So many great characters and even a greater setting! This is a must! This is exactly what a movie should be based on. Hugh, you’ve become one of my favorite authors. Dare I say even as good as the great Stephen King? I think so!

  11. I’m getting another set and one for a gift! So excited for you.

  12. I bought my copy of each!

    Concerning Hollywood, while they try to pretend there is some logic behind greenlighting films (like “calculating risk”), there isn’t. But they do respond to hype and fear. It is a clever move if you can get the book back up to the top of best seller lists just before the rights return to you. It should give you a lot more leverage.

  13. I own Wool and Shift. Picking up Dust today and will be tweeting and Facebooking this. Good luck Hugh!

  14. “Most of you already own these works, so you can’t buy them to boost the noise”. Not exactly true, let’s get creative.

    I originally purchased “The Wool Trilogy: Wool, Shift, Dust” from Google Play Books, so I’ve just bought the books from Amazon. If other readers bought them at Amazon in the past, they may just get them from a different retailer.

  15. I’ve already made sure Wool, and the rest of the trilogy made its way through my friends, and I’d like to simply donate. There a place I can do that? Or I can just do what you propose, get another trilogy and mail it to distant relatives or something ;) Looking forward to it!!!

  16. Harker Roland Avatar

    Easy purchases Hugh. Hadn’t bought Shift or Dust yet.

    Good luck on your dream!

  17. Gordon Gurray Avatar

    Just bought shift and dust in Germany for kindle. Hope it will support that quest, too

  18. Personally, I’m actually not in favor of the trilogy becoming a film, especially given Hollywood’s propensity to screw things like this up.

    I’d be much more excited about the trilogy becoming a TV series, since I think the material lends itself much more to being told over the course of 40-50 hours (i.e. 4-5 ten episode seasons), rather than 6-8 hours (three 2:00-2:30 movies).

    So I’m hoping that the option expires, giving Hugh a chance to sell the series to someone who will do it justice, like HBO/SHOWTIME/AMC/BBC.

  19. I just bought all three, and I’m about to share it on Facebook. Thank you! :-)

  20. Joseph ridtiguez Avatar
    Joseph ridtiguez

    I want to be a part of this. This has to happen film/tv wise. I will share and support with the people I’ve turned on already.

  21. Seriously try to reach out to Netflix. I think you have too much story for a single movie but this would work great as a series.

    1. Absolutely Netflix is looking for the next great series. Also hit up Amazon Studios they are always looking for quality material and with the Wool Saga being one of their all time best sellers they would be crazy to turn this down.

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