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Follow copyI’ve had a few Twitter followers ask me to update them when new releases come out. Guess what? Amazon has this figured out for us. They’ve got a new “Follow” feature they’ve been rolling out the past few weeks, and it seriously rocks. When authors release new titles, we are now given the ability to send you notifications and even little notes. It’s like a newsletter, but less obtrusive. And you can opt in and out at any time.

Just go to the author page of your favorite writers and click that golden “Follow” button below their author photo. You’ll get an email sent to whatever account you have associated with your Amazon login when that author releases something new. Pretty cool. I’m going through now to do this with my favorite writers. And I just wrote a note about BEACON 23 – Part 4 for my current followers.



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  1. Where are you writing the note? Is that an Author Central thing or have I completely missed something in the KDP admin?

    1. They send me an email after a book goes live (seems to take a week or more, and it’s not every book right now).

    2. Ah, that was my question, too. I’ve been seeing those Follow buttons for quite some time (A/B testing maybe), and had clicked on several of my favorite authors. But I assumed that Amazon would send out an automated “new release” email when the time came. Very cool, that the author can now add a note!

  2. I’ll definitely have to get on this – especially since you mentioned a note for Beacon 4 and I didn’t even know that Beacon 3 was already out! For shame. This feature should certainly fix those future embarrassments.

  3. I’ve been following authors on Amazon for a while, it’s awesome! I love not having to remember to check all my favorite authors’ individual blogs.

    However, speaking of new releases, any news on the 3rd flip book?

    1. There are 4 flip books out right now. Not sure when I’ll do more. Probably when I get some rights back to some other short stories.

  4. I’m glad they got it working. They used to have that feature, but it didn’t work half the time. Certainly it would cut down on our work if we didn’t have to run our own newsletter.

  5. This is so useful I’m kind of surprised it took so long to bring it back!

    Looots of people I need to use that follow button for…

  6. At 3 am this morning I was invited to become Follow Author with ‘Shrooms’, my latest bit of horror/dark fantasy, so of course your blog was the first place I went to figure out what this might mean to an ordinary, nonalgorithmic, human-based lifeform. I don’t know how you manage to keep up-to-date with all this, but thanks for sharing what you learn.

  7. Will the Beacon stories be released all together when the story is complete?
    I guess I’m saying, I can take the suspense of waiting for the whole thing to come out but not the suspense of waiting for the next part…if that makes sense. Thanks!

  8. I hope I’m on that list Hugh LOL!

  9. Hey Hugh, thanks for all the amazing worlds you have built! I do have a question though, were did the progress meters go? Are we ever gonna see Molly again?

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