• A Year in Review

    A Year in Review

    One year ago today I woke up in a hotel room in Svalbard, Norway. I was sleeping on half of a king-size bed made from pushing two twin beds together. On the other side of the bed was the most magical woman I’d ever met. We were just friends, sharing a bed for the first… Continue reading

  • The Price of Freedom

    We were sitting on a friend’s porch, looking out over the ocean. The fence that holds back the dunes had an American flag affixed to it, held straight by a sea breeze. If asked what that flag meant, a thousand strangers would no doubt list some words in common. My guess is that “Freedom” would… Continue reading

  • Ten Years of WOOL

    It’s been a decade since I wrote a little story that changed my life and kept a ton of readers up past their bedtimes. When I wrote WOOL, I never thought I’d live to see it impact so many people. All you can dream about as a new writer is getting one person to read… Continue reading

  • The Dystopia Triptych

    It’s here! It’s real! The latest release from John Joseph Adams, Christie Yant, and myself! I present to you, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, BURN THE ASHES, and OR ELSE THE LIGHT. Otherwise known as THE DYSTOPIA TRIPTYCH! Six or so years ago, JJA and I edited and released The Apocalypse Triptych, a series of three anthologies… Continue reading

  • The Phases of Life

    Life comes in three phases: 1) Ignoring all advice. 2) Finally trying things and wishing you’d done them sooner. 3) Being an advocate of things and no one listening. Continue reading