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Foreign Editions (SOLD OUT)

Another Update: If you haven’t heard from me or sent me your mailing address, but I commented and said you’d secured a book, please email me or check your junk folder. Still a dozen or so people I haven’t heard back from.

Update: That was INTENSE. I thought it would take a week for these to go. It took a couple hours. I’m going to sort out what we have and contact people who put their names on editions. And then we’ll see about some kind of grab-bag and those slipcases.

Okay, I think I know how to handle these foreign editions. There are several of you who want specific languages, so what I’m going to do is let you comment on this blog post with what edition you want. Watch the video below (or not), and then check the list to see the books I have. Once they are spoken for, they are gone. Be aware that if you have never commented on this site before, your comment will be held in moderation. I have to approve new comments to guard against spam. That means you may call for a Spanish edition, but someone else may have gotten the last one, with their comment invisible. I’m going to go with the order they come in. Give it your best shot.

If I have anything left over (I’m sure I will), I’ll do a mystery grab-bag with some special prizes to sweeten the deal.

What I have:

Spanish Paperback: 10 2

Finnish Hardback: 4 1

Italian Hardback: 5  SOLD OUT

Hebrew Paperback: 5 SOLD OUT

Greek Paperback: 5 2

French Paperback: 3

German Hardback: 4  SOLD OUT

Taiwan Chinese Paperback: 3 1

Korean Paperback (2-Parter, but only charging same as for 1): 2 1

US Wool Hardback: SOLD OUT

UK Dust Hardback: 20 (!!) SOLD OUT

Hungarian Paperback: 5

Czechoslovakian Paperback: 2


Shift CD Audio:SOLD OUT

Wool Mp3 Audio:SOLD OUT

I, Zombie CD Audio: 2 SOLD OUT

I, Zombie MP3 Audio: 1 SOLD OUT

All copies will be signed and made out to whoever you specify. You’ll do the specifying when we get to the PayPal stage, which might be in a few days or a week! Details will follow. This is just about reserving what you want.

Okay, leave a comment to secure one. Someone suggested $15 for paperbacks and $20 for hardbacks and audiobooks, which seems fair to me. $5 for envelope and shipping in the US. Shipping overseas is crazy, but those of you who might be interested already know that. I’ll reply to your comment to let you know that you’ve secured one, and I’ll update the quantity in the blog post every hour or so.

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If I can’t double up on the U.K. Dust, I’ll take one of the Korean paperbacks. (Even if I can double up on U.K. Dust, I’ll still take a Korean paperback…unless that makes me a greedy bastard…lol)

Works for me. The Dust one is going to be a gift for one of your famous fans: Anne Rice. I’ll keep the Korean one for myself.

This is great! I would very much like a US Wool hardback, but if those are gone a Spanish paperback would be amazing too. Thanks,

I would love a copy of both Wool and Dust in hardback. Or just Wool, if there’s a limit of one per person! Just let me know! Thanks! Just started following you on facebook and love your interaction with the fans. Extremely refreshing.

Sorry, just posted earlier, I meant the US edition for the Wool and/or Dust Hardback. I just get so excited for these things and I forget to specify. I apologize for the double messaging! Figured I’d clarify since these don’t get published without you seeing.

UK Dust hardback, please! Let me know how to give you my money!!! :) If I could humbly request an autograph that would be amazing too!

I should have done like they do with the pizza thing and asked you to draw an octpus fighting a bear or something. LOL

I would LOVE an Italian Hardback:)

Even if I don’t get one-thanks for doing this! You are so great to your fans.

Are you kidding me?!?!

I would love the SHift CD audio book
and a hebrew and hungarian wool.

If any of those are available!

I, Zombie CD Audio! (present for my mom’s birthday – Kaye Campbell)

UK Dust Hardback!!

And I love all the gorgeous covers – wish I read something other than English so I could justify scooping one of those up.

I would love one of the Wool German hardcover editions! If you can ship to an APO address. Danke Schön!

I would love French paper back and US Wool Hardback. Then Hebrew paperback if my first choices are gone. Thanks Hugh!

I got the email and paypaled the funds. Please let me know if you receivedit as well as the inscription and shipping address. Thanks so much!!

Will! I just now found my comment chain, for some reason I was having problems reading any comments between 46 and 128. One moment, email is on its way.

1. Greek WOOL Paperback for my good friend Evan Spiliotopoulos (um, yeah, he’s a little Greek — also the screenwriter of the the new Hercules movie starting The Rock coming this summer, for reals, check IMDB).

2. UK DUST Hardback for me, please! :)

Thanks, Hugh! Crossing fingers for that final UK DUST.

If they’re still available, I’d like to add an German hardback as well.

I’ll also be ordering a signed SAND and one of the USB drives — but I’ll just do that via your site’s order process (unless it’s better to combine ’em all into one shipment).

In March I’m going to my cousin’s wedding in Heidelberg, so that German one would be excellent timing. The Greek one will make Evan’s day, and the UK one (if there was one left) would make *my* day!

Thanks again for doing this — we all appreciate it.

Aww… I should have refreshed the page before I asked. Thanks regardless — so cool of you to do this!

Hi Hugh,
what a great idea. I loved to read the German edition of Wool (named Silo). It was awesome. That’s why I’d like to have the English audio book Shift, if possible.

Have a beautiful day!
Greetings from Germany!

Ack! I was busy reading your OLD posts (you must sleep sometime!) and missed this. I have a WOOL hardcover, signed by you in person, but would dearly love DUST in English hardcover. Alas, I think I’m too late. Well, if someone doesn’t claim hers, please put me on the waiting list! Also… were there every hard copies of SHIFT? Maybe a UK version?

What would be fab is one of those with the slidey-in cover thingies. You know what I mean?

I can’t even take the time to watch your videos, because you are too prolific. Sheesh! So looking forward to “seeing” you the Google+ hangout tonight! (I will wear pants. You may dress as you please.)

In order of pref (aka language skills)!
Any audiobook
UK hardback
German hardback
Spanish paperback

If I could have two of any of the above, cool, if not, that’s ok! Thanks, this is fun.

I’m so happy! I left you a message on one of your Facebook posts. I’m hosting a wool book club in a couple weeks. I’m just beginning book 3.

Signed French copy for me please, if possible note to my daughter.

only gave her one, not started yet, it would get recycled into a gift to someone and we would keep the signed version. :-)

cool that was fast…

daughter’s name is Daphnée, she never read any of your books yet..possible new fan….note can be in English, French would be funny.

Feel free to squeeze my name in there in someway… Best father ever or something like that :-D

Hi Hugh,
I’m interested in a French paperback for a friend, please. I`ve been driving her crazy about the whole series. I live in Montreal, Canada. I know about the price of getting hardbacks mailed.
Thanks again for the all-too-real worlds you create for us.


((Sigh)) guess it just doesn’t pay to be a working woman these days.I would have loved to have had a chance at your audio books. I work in birth to three and do a LOT of driving and love to listen to books during that time. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend that drive time than listening to one of your books. :-(

Thank you Hugh! I would be forever thankful.
(on a separate note – are you going to be talking at any Writer’s conferences on the East Coast any time in the future? Would love to hear you talk of your writing journey (and meet you).

Well shoot! I missed the whole thing! I really should check FB more often. Stupid job preventing me from checking FB. Even though I missed out on this deal, I still think it’s really cool and generous of you to offer these books to your fans. I bought a paperback, “I, Zombie” for my brother for Cmas and he picked up, “Wool” for himself based on my enthusiastic recommendation. Thanks for hours of the most enjoyable reading I’ve done in years!

if you still have the Czechoslovak (in fact it should be Czech or Slovak, we are no longer one country :) I would love to have one.

Just to clarify: The paperback (“o silo”) isn’t hungarian. I don’t know which language is it, but not hungarian. The other, the hardback (wool 1) is hungarian (“A siló”).

I don’t know, now you got me. I don’t want to order the first part, I want the whole deal. So if you will do this later too, which I’m assuming, I would order the hungarian later, the omnibus. I sleep on it however, so I might change my mind :)

Anyway is it possible to ship to Hungary? And what are the shipping costs?

Hey Hugh – guess I missed out – damn Australian time differences! Ah well – can I have the pen instead…lol

I was comment 17 this morning on facebook, but by the time I finished work and got to this, they were all gone. This wasn’t up when I posted on fb :( So, if you happen to find any more in Italian, I’d love one. Thanks Hugh.

Hi Hugh! Not sure if you have anything left. Wondered last night if there were any French or Czech editions left, but didn’t hear back. If there are, put one aside for me? Either would be great! If I missed out, that’s ok. Just thought I’d check. :) You rock!

Now go take a nap!

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