Number 5 is Alive!

The SAND saga is complete. I should have the collected edition up in a week or so. Until then, if you don’t mind paying $1.30 or so more for the pieces, you can get all five right now. (Think of it as getting more Jason Gurley artwork for your dollars).


Sand Part 1

Sand Part 2

Sand Part 3

Sand Part 4

Sand Part 5

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  1. When can we order the signed omnibus?


    1. I should have the proofs in-hand in a week, but I’m going to be out of town for all of February. So I might have to take orders while I’m gone and then ship them out when I get home.

  2. Hurray! I just wrapped up Part 4 last night at about 11:30 and immediately exclaimed to my wife “He ended it there?!?” I mean really. That was just cruel (in a good way). Great story and I will plan my evening tonight so that I know how this whole thing ends…It does end right? ;-)

    1. Yup. It ends with 5.

      And I hadn’t planned on there being 5 parts, but when I got to the scene you’re talking about, it felt too big a moment to just move on to the next chapter. I felt like the story needed to breathe. So I added a part 5 and was going to release those two parts together, but then they were going to be around 40,000 words where the previous three were around 15,000. So I decided to put them out separately.

      1. Are you going to write more after part 5? I just finished the whole omnibus ( in Australia by the way) and I’d love for it to keep going to see the fight continue!

        1. Oh no, you’re not done…! What about Vic? What about the West? Keep going pleeease!

  3. sand is fantastic! You wrapped up the tale of this broken family masterfully.


  4. When will these be up on Kobo? :o)

    1. February 28th or March 1st.

  5. When will the omnibus be available for purchase as an ebook?

  6. Good stuff. But please… more. Flesh out existing characters/universes in more detail rather than just dropping them. Sand, silo, molly, whatever.

    1. I prefer “gently cradling them to the ground” rather than “dropping them.” :)

      Right now, I feel like the characters in all of my books are off their various cliffs, nestled down and relatively safe. I almost don’t want to pester them.

  7. Part 4 only seems to be available on ebook from I waited to order part 4 and 5 together and now 4 is gone.

    1. Weird. I’ll check my end. They should all be available in Europe.

      1. Cheers. Seems odd. The paperback was definitely available a few days ago but I decided to order the last two together to save on postage.

  8. By the above I mean the paperback isn’t available. It is on but none of the European sites

  9. Thanks for the update via your newsletter Hugh, I’m hanging on (just) for the omnibus release.
    Will be counting down the days till next week. Looking forward to the next edition of Molly Fyde too! Congrats for Taiwan best seller list!!
    Cheers Monica (Aust fan)

  10. Hi Hugh

    I’m a new fan! A friend bought me Wool for Christmas and I have all 3 books read! Absolutley fantastic! I was glued to the pages. Any chance of more in the series?

    Also, I’m dying to get stuck into the Sand books, I normally buy ebooks from the Paly Store but they don’t have any available. Any idea as to when they’ll be available to purchase?

    1. They should hit the Play store and elsewhere around the end of February. Thanks for the comment and compliments, Sarah!

      1. Ah no way? Rage!!! Gues I’ll have to go over to Kindle lol Don’t think I can wait until then……I’m having really bad withdrawals from the Wool triology :)

  11. Will you be getting Goldsboro Books to do another slipcased edition like the Wool series, or will the omnibus only be available from your website?

    1. I’m not sure. Too early to tell. But there’s a chance. More info soon!

  12. Still no part 4 paperback available on European Amazon’s .the waiting will be terrible.

    1. This is weird. I double-checked, and the book is supposed to be in that distribution channel. I’ll ask what’s up.

      1. Cheers. Sorry for being an impatient sod but I finished 3 and I’m addicted

        1. No worries. I just heard back, and someone at CreateSpace sees book 4 if they do a search for my name and title. I would try: “Hugh Howey Sand 4 Thunder” and see what comes up. Let me know.

          1. Just checked and still only the kindle version.strange. tried a few search variations. Both kindle and paper versions. Are showing up no problem for 1-3 and for 5

  13. kathy czarnecki Avatar

    I have all 5 paperbacks, the last 2 downloaded on Kindle (though I said I wouldn’t) and will get the Omnibus. Each has a special quality about it. The special quality of an “e” book to me is simply impatience.

  14. Hugh, I’m working my way through each book on Kindle. I’m half way through book 4. I read the fifth chapter last night, entitled “A Rose on the Pillow.” The writing qualities on display in this chapter are what amaze me about you. The topic is pretty distasteful, for the most part, but your deeper introduction of Rose and explanation of who she is, why she is what she is and how her relationship with the kids is strained from both side really crystallized the story for me. You have such a knack to blend wonderful descriptive language, snarky comments, and also blend in emotion through the scene rather than just telling us the emotion we are supposed to feel. I equate this chapter with Wool 2 and how many of your negative comments were about people complaining about all the climbing. I felt Wool 2 was the most important part of the story to bind your reader to the Silo. It was not packed with action, but the story did it’s job masterfully in connecting the books together.

    I’m not one to devour a book like many of your other readers so I am taking my time, but will probably finish this weekend and will post a formal review on the Omnibus as a full book.

    Once again, great job! You amaze me with your work. I’m going to order all 5 individual copies and hold on to them so I can get them autographed in person when I can finally connect with your travel schedule. I’m sure El Paso will never be a destination for you. I’ll have to come to where you are.

    Best Wishes, Happy New Year and again, thanks for the Birthday wishes. You are a good man.


  15. Will Sand be available in other ereader formats or is it Kindle exclusive???? Need for my Nook!

  16. Completely off topic, Hugh, I know. But how long was SHIFT, word-count wise?

    Also, I’m still straddling the fence on SAND but I’m a huge Carolinian fan of your work so we’ll see ;) Thanks for all the insight on a regular basis.

    1. Shift was around 180,000 words. It was really three 60,000 word novels packaged together.

  17. I just want to say that I spent the whole morning and most of the afternoon reading Sand. Wow. I loved Wool, but this was just spectacular! I need more!

    I love the serial style. I am a huge Victorian lit fan, and it makes me very happy to see that format used today.

    Thanks for helping me have a great day.

  18. Cheers Hugh. The link worked. Sorry for the annoyance.

  19. Waiting patiently for the Sand ebook omnibus, because
    1) I want all 5 parts together.
    2) That is my preferred cover … not that I dislike the other/s.

    N.B. If only ebooks had a back cover or additional cover page, so I could get the other too.

    P.S. Thanks for being a champion, and letting other authors write in your Silo/Wool universe. Just finished Ann Christy’s 3rd part for Silo 49 and was totally enthralled. I’m about halfway through the Wool fan fiction, and have been very impressed with much of it thus far.

  20. Hello. This is my first time commenting here, although I follow you on Facebook. I want to say that I really enjoyed reading Sand. I lived in Colorado for 25 years–midway between Springston and Low-Pub–and I loved that I could recognize them in their new setting. However, something kept nagging at me, and this morning I realized what it was, so I have a question: did the project on the other side of No Man’s Land do something to reverse the jet stream? Otherwise, the wind and any rain should’ve been flowing the other direction. Nearly all of the storms I remember came over the mountains and swept east. The ones that came from the east were so rare as to be worthy of comment. (Please note that I’m offering this as a way for you to say ‘Of course, they were able to change the jet stream…I meant that all along.’ :))

    1. Hey Kelly!

      There is a reference or two in Sand to maps being upside down. This is a very different Earth. North is south and vice versa.

      It’s unrealistic, but the metaphor was more important to me than the science. This story is about an inversion of fate. What if hell blew on us from the East (rather than the other way around). What if we needed help? What if we were trapped here, rounded up if we tried to leave for a better place, and our world was made worse because of a grab for resources elsewhere?

      I wanted to write a story about empathy. No telling if I succeeded, but those decisions at the heart of the story explain why the weather is the way it is.

      1. Sorry, I guess I missed the upside down maps. *blushes*
        I just kept seeing the ‘real’ places in my head–and was wondering which city was being referenced on the other side of No Man’s Land to boot.
        I usually read mysteries instead of sci fi, can you tell?
        (Yours are the few in that genre I *do* read, mostly because the emotional development of the characters aren’t overwhelmed by the world-building.)

        1. kathy czarnecki Avatar

          Kelly, I have to work on my metaphor deciphering. I read that chapter literally and was trying to figure out if the world “literally” turned upside down and that was why they saw the backs of stars. Talk about *blush*.

  21. Hey man, loved the Wool series, and I’m actually waiting for the omnibus to read Sand. If I’m signed up for the newsletter, will I get notified that way that the signed copies of the Sand omnibus are available? I’ll check the site daily, I just wanted to be able to jump on it as soon as possible.

    1. Yeah. And I will have the order link up next week sometime.

      1. I see the link is up already, you’re fast! Ordering now.. :-)

  22. Will the artwork for the individual books be contained within the Omnibus anywhere?

  23. Just finished 5, loved it! Sand 4 and 5 made me cry. :]

  24. Having read Wool, Shift and Dust recently (very good, I really enjoyed them), I was very pleased to find the first story in ‘Taste of Tomorrow’ was Sand part 1 and loved it! So want to find out what happens next, but the Omnibus edition isn’t available in kindle format on Amazon uk. Not only that, but the pages for parts 2-5 say that they’re currently not available, although there are reviews of the kindle edition, so they obviously were available at one point.

    Do you know when it will be available in the uk in ebook format?


    1. Very soon. They’re being re-published as we speak.

  25. G’day I am based in Australia and have Sand parts 1 to 4 already but the Kindle version of part 5 is not showing here down under. Could you help us please.

    1. I hear that it should be up this Thursday-ish. So sorry about the wait. :(

      1. Thanks for the heads up Hugh. Will keep you posted. Cheers

      2. Still can’t see the kindle version of Sand part 5 at Amazon. Any ETA?

      3. The Sand part 5 Kindle edition still not available. Any news?

        1. They’re not going to re-release it. :( I recommend stealing a copy, if you can.

          1. Make no sense to me…thanks for the tip.

  26. Hugh – I just finished the omnibus and, WOW!!! Please tell me you have more of this story to tell. I would LOVE to read a prequel that explains how things got to where they are now and, perhaps, a sequel that will deal with life after Sand…


  27. I would like to also ask about, (and request) a prequel to explain how things got to that point. It seems like it’s set up for a prequel so it would be a great tragedy of that were to not happen.

  28. Hugh I finished Sand and was curious to see if you are writing a sequel? Thanks

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