Free Silo Pilot!

Never seen this before. An entire episode of prestige drama for free, streaming right on Twitter. Apple is pulling out all the stops in support of this show. Plenty of time to start binging before the finale drops in 24 hours!

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  1. Can’t believe it’s gonna be over so quickly! 10 episodes is not enough time :~(

  2. The series I good, but, there is always a
    It, they changed so much and left so much out. The book is sooo much better. It reminds me of how Dune has been tried
    By several productions to be crammed into 1 or 2 moors and it
    Didn’t work, then the BBC did it as
    Mini-Siri’s and that was
    Pretty good.

  3. Andree Koehler Avatar
    Andree Koehler

    I am excited and despondent to see the finale — I need more of the story, since I’ve recently finished the books :) Congratulations on bringing Silo to the screen and I hope we’ll see much more of your work coming to life.

  4. It’s SO GOOD. I was worried about Silo on TV, but this has not disappointed.

  5. Wilder Bellamy Avatar
    Wilder Bellamy

    Checking out the book “Dust” from the library.

  6. That IS amazing! Apple is definitely behind Silo. Can’t believe season one is over tomorrow. Where did those 9 (soon to be 10) episodes go?? So glad there will be a season 2!!

  7. Just watched the finale and I love it! I am going to read the book because I can’t get enough of this story!!

    1. How can find the book

      1. Check your local library or Amazon


    The series made me read the whole novel in three consecutive episodes, which deserves a 10/10 rating

  9. Serie is not as clear as Book. Some points are weak and not explained well.. heat band and Pixells issues didnt explain well. People ask for What happened?

  10. So, I read Wool when it first came out. Recently watched the Silo series which inspired me to re-read Wool, then Shift & Dust. I enjoyed all 3. Now for the million dollar question. Will there by any kind of follow up to the story. They’re are other silos that need help. Can Jules even return? What’s going to happen when another silo breaks free and crosses into the habitable zone? Curious minds want to know!

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