The Balloon Hunter

It’s been a while since I announced a new story, and this is one I’m super proud of. THE BALLOON HUNTER marks my first time writing with another author, in this case the incredibly talented Elinor Taylor. I fell in love with Elinor’s flash fiction on Twitter and reached out to let her know what a huge fan I was. We started brainstorming projects we could work on together, and today I’m delighted to announce that our co-authored work is available!

Producing this book was an absolute nightmare and also a huge joy. The story is told across a series of postcards, and I had the awful idea to actually create the postcards, hand write on them front and back, scan them, and use those scans to create the book. The end result is fantastic. Getting it all done took over a year!

There’s a video below explaining some of what went into this:

And here’s a link to the ebook. The print edition should be available in a few days.

The ebook is on Kindle Unlimited, so read it for free if you’re a member. It looks especially great on an iPad or other tablet. I priced both editions as close to the bone as I could, considering the digital delivery costs and the printing costs. Elinor and I aren’t going to pay the bills with this book, but we are delighted with the story we created, and if it’s popular enough we’d love to revisit it.

Enjoy! And spread the word!

13 responses to “The Balloon Hunter”

  1. Don’t need to watch the video, don’t need to read the description; you had me at “new story”. Instant purchase.

  2. Hi Hugh! Do you plan on releasing a hardcover edition with full-color pictures?

  3. Donna A. Parker Avatar
    Donna A. Parker

    Do you know about the real balloon hunter? Frank Luke in WWI. In fact when the air force was going after those Chinese balloons. Their f-16s call signs were Frank 1 and Frank 2. Luke Air Force base is named after him In arizona. He’s a true hero.

  4. $6.99 is the delivery cost/bare bones pricing? Give me a break. If $6.99 will not pay the author’s bills it will help pay mine. I will continue to support independent authors that keep their ‘delivery costs’ under control. The Hugh Howey that did not sell out to the big publishers was hero of mine. Good examples are becoming increasingly rare, I will miss him.

  5. Awesome, Elinor Taylor also has a Fediverse (Mastodon) account:

  6. I love thé concept but find it hard to read. Maybe it’s my 75 year old eyes. I’ll try it on a bigger screen at home.

  7. Another great read, Hugh!
    As others may have asked will the print version be in color? I can’t wait to discuss this one with others!

  8. Michele L Heeder Avatar
    Michele L Heeder

    Very excited about this book, it sounds awesome.

  9. Dean Freedlun Avatar

    Very exciting. I enjoy all your projects. Other than Wool, the Beacon 23 book (is that the right number?) and the two Sand books rock. Could there be a 3rd Sand novel? When will The hard copy of Ballon Hunter be available?. Im sure graphics of the postcards will be cool.

  10. Hi! Which format do you think does it the most justice, digital or print?

    1. Dean Freedlun Avatar

      To have real pictures of postcards print I think will be best.

      1. That’s what I was thinking, ala the ‘Griffin and Sabine’ series (which I just dug out and reread today).

  11. Brian James Allen Avatar
    Brian James Allen

    Hi, When will The Balloon Hunter be available in the UK in book form ?

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