Geeking Out Seriously Hard

Musk is one of the smartest men of our time. And this is an incredible step forward.

6 responses to “Geeking Out Seriously Hard”

  1. SpringfieldMH Avatar

    Yeah, I felt like I was seeing history happen and the world change right in front of my eyes, watching this.

    I also got a kick out of the larger booster engines subtly displayed behind, to each side, of the Dragon v2. A little reminder to the competition, while they are figuring out how to make do without legacy Russian supplied engines due to the crisis in the Ukraine. The Russians threaten to cease cooperation on the space station and transport of U.S. astronauts to the space station and Elon whips back the curtain… Ta Da!!!

    And then there’s the 3D printed rocket motors…

    There’s got to be an incredible back story to all this. I can’t imagine the hardball and dirty tricks that he has had to deal with in order for SpaceX and Tesla to get to where they are today and to continue to progress.

    Go Elon! Go SpaceX and Tesla!

    1. SpringfieldMH Avatar

      There’s a second half to the video. See or search for “SpaceX Dragon v2” on YouTube.

  2. I’m going to wait till at least v473 before climbing into one of those.

    1. SpringfieldMH Avatar

      Heck, I’d ride in v1, if they and my wife would let me.

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