Hugh Howey

Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.


The Wool trailer was picked up by Gizmodo, where the contributor calls the series one of the best works of fiction he’s ever read!

Can you believe this? I sure as hell can’t!

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I just noticed (missed it last night) that they called you “Hugh Howley” in the article (though the link under that text was spelled right). Still awesome pub, though.

I see you’re up at #19 in the overall Best Sellers list. Go, Hugh, go!

I bet in school the teachers called your name backwards. Howey? Is there a Howey here? Howey Hugh? Happened to me all the time. Not because my name is Hugh Howey, that would be weird. It’s Nathan Douglas. DOUG? IS DOUG HERE? GAH!! NO!!!

I saw this post at work and bought the Omnibus immediately after I got home. Just finished it (and wrote an Amazon review, per your suggestion). Amazing!

I erroneously posted on a much older entry, but wanted to re-post, I am loving the books. I think Charlize Theron would be a great Jules!!

I can’t wait!

In the scene showing the levels in the Silo, isn’t it numbered backwards? It showed 33 above 32, but according to the books, the numbers get larger as you move toward the bottom, not smaller…

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