The Great Proof Giveaway!

Okay boys and girls, get on your mark and get ready — we’re gonna give some of these proof copies away!

What proof copies? These proof copies, the most awesome things ever printed.

Five individual books. WOOL spelled across the spine. A wrapper. A new chapter nobody has ever read before (chapter 13 in book 2). All this will be yours; it’ll be free; and I’ll even sign each of the five books before bubble-wrapping them and shipping them to your home.

Details about the giveaway can be found in this forum thread.

Feel free to discuss the giveaway or ask questions in this other thread.

Good luck to all!

3 responses to “The Great Proof Giveaway!”

  1. I am so excited for you and the popularity your artful words are gaining. It is well deserved.

  2. Elaine Musgrave Avatar
    Elaine Musgrave

    Just finished Wool Omnibus. Best series I have read in a long time! Couldn’t put my kindle down! I would LOVE to win this set of individual books because I still love BOOKS! And to have them signed by the auther would be amazing since I am now going to be your #1 fan! I can’t wait to start reading some of your other works. Thanks you so much WOOL. I’m looking forward to the movie!

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