Guten Tag, Berlin!

I landed in snowy Berlin today. Or tomorrow. It’s hard to tell when it is, exactly. I haven’t had jetlag this bad before.

I’ve had a few emails asking if I’ll be doing any signings in Germany. Unfortunately, the book is not yet out, so this will be a visit for interviews and a chance to meet everyone at Piper, my awesome German publisher. Hard to sign books that aren’t available yet.

Anyway, I’ve got today to get used to the time change and to accost strangers with my camera. Tomorrow is going to be a wild one. Five interviews lined up, back to back. The logistics don’t even seem possible, to be honest. It’ll be fascinating to see how this plays out. If I feel half the zombie tomorrow that I feel right now, there’s no telling what I’ll say. Expect nude pictures of me playing billiards in the German tabloids by the weekend.

On Sunday, I fly to the UK. I’ve got some exciting news for Londoners. It looks like a Meet-Up is in the works. It’ll probably be the Sunday after this one. Venue TBD. I’ll also be doing a signing next Thursday in London, will be at The Weekender next weekend (Friday to Sunday morning), and will spend next Wednesday in Ireland.

After this whirlwind, I have a few days at home before the US bookstore launch! Fun times. Stay tuned.

11 responses to “Guten Tag, Berlin!”

  1. I feel an invasion of the soul-snatcher’s story coming on.

    Life had always been the same in Lichtenstahd, until a man with a scarf and a most peculiar camera stepped out of the cab…

  2. Hi Hugh

    Any details of the time / venue for the book signing?



  3. You have a sense of humour. How about a funny sci fi book, like Andy Weir’s “The Martian”?

  4. Christian Toumie Avatar

    You should come visit sweden!

  5. Hugh this blog post cracked me up. I can just picture you casually walking down the street with a warm smile on your face, and Germans diving off the sidewalk out of your way to avoid your scary camera. That is interesting that they seem so shy about it. Anyways, hope you have a great trip, get over the jet lag, and most importantly have fun and make great memories.

  6. This “Wool” fan is also heading off to Berlin and London next month for a few days vacation. I hope you get some time to enjoy both cities during your tour. I’ll be under the Brandenburg Gate with my signed copy of “Third Shift”…..

  7. Enjoy, Hugh! Just don’t talk about giving them a “gift.” Gift means poison in German. (Really!)

  8. Received notification today from Goldsboro Books in London to expect my signed copy of the British edition to ship within the next two days. Hope the book signing goes well in the U.K.!

  9. I see the German people haven’t really changed much in the last 50 years. I was there for 3 years 61-64 and got used to it. They really do respect each others privacy. I was and still am like them. Americans with all the reality shows, facebook, twitter are much more comfortable with revealing their personal lives to strangers. But if you make a friend there it will probably last a lifetime. I know some of the friends I made back so long ago come and stay with us when they visit sunny south florida.

    Enjoy the experience while you have the oppertunity, and stay safe. I hope that there will be no nude shots of you in the Brittish Scandal Rags when you get home.

  10. Hi Hugh, Any more details on the London signing this Thursday is it a public or private event?

    1. There’s going to be a Meet-Up on Sunday. Location TBD.

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