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Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Hardbacks Arrive!

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Absolutely phenomenal, terrific cover! Have a safe and productive trip. Thanks so very much for sharing.

I can’t wait for the whole series of Molly to come out with the new covers. Those are going on the bookshelf for sure. And getting more editions of Wool lets me scatter it on bookshelves for more chances to pick it up and read again.

I also saw on your calendar that you will be in New Zealand. You have to do a cave tour with the glowworms and there is a great farmstay called Sherrington Grange that I think you and Amber would really like if you can get a little extra time for a vacation together.

Fabulous! The Molly Fyde cover is so exciting! But I can’t believe I have to buy so many more books! Damnit, I’m going to need to build an extension here to house the Howey Library!!

Happy trails to you – enjoy the tour!

No, thank you!

Could you post more info on your visit to Australia! I’m going to have to ask you to sign my kindle.

I’m really missing out on the beautiful covers getting the kindle editions. They are so beautiful.

Hope you have a good trip. I don’t suppose you know which day you will be at the Weekender yet. Will you be bringing any books to sign and sell?
This is the closest that you will get to Liverpool so I will try and get there if possible.

Jasper is an unbelievable talent. It’s amazing that you’ve attracted the attention of guys like him and Mike Tabor.

I used to take the dust jackets off my hardcovers too! But some of them are just too darn pretty now, like the one you are holding in your hand there. :)

I haven’t bought the paper editions of Molly, “yet”, so you are telling me to hold off?

OK, I’ll wait for you to tell us when they are available. I have all the Bern Saga on Kindle though. Personally I like the Bern Saga better than WOOL but not by much. They both are excellent. Molly just has a more appealing understory to me. And “do we have free will”, is the question now isn’t it.

Oh, and have a safe trip.

Great piece of arts these covers. I don’t read paper books, but I begin to think about to purchase WOOL in hardback… Only one thing: I will never get a chance to get your signature on it… “Never” is so sad word. I am too long away.

You can always get a signed copy…just mail yours to us and let Hugh know what you’d like him to sign in it:) No problemo!

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