Monroe Meet-Up Next Week!

I’m really excited about this meet-up. Oasis is a downtown Monroe staple. They’ve been around for eighty years, and they have the best hotdogs you’ve ever shoved into your hotdog hole. When I released my debut novel back in 2009, Oasis hosted my very first book signing. I set up a folding table and chair on the sidewalk and hugged a parade of childhood friends and family who came out to support a poor artist trying his damnedest to make a go of this writing thing. It was a great time. It’s time to do it again.

On July 23rd, I’m going back to the places that hosted me when I was just starting out. I’ll be on WIXE radio in the morning, and then I’m heading to Oasis for hotdogs and to sign books. I’ll show up around 11:00 and stay until 1:00. Take a long lunch break and come see me!

Edit: I should mention that I won’t be selling books at this event, so bring what you already have to get signed or order a copy ahead of time.

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  1. Holy crap! I didn’t even read your post! DUST: 100% done (done = I understand it is not actually done). That’s all. DUST. 100 PERCENT DONE.

    I already have my DUST copy that compliments the radioactive symbol. I scanned it. ; )

    I am newly single and have too much time on my hands…

  2. Damn! I am going to miss that by one week. :(

  3. Wish I could get there since I’m from Charlotte and my brother lives in Monroe. Sadly, airfare from current home and work schedule won’t let me get there. Let me know when you do an event on Oahu. :-P

  4. We’ll be there – in fact, most of the mineral springs crowd will be there….they need to shut down main street, by the way.


    1. It won’t be that busy! Most everyone will be at work. :)

  5. wanna put some cash on that bet? You might even make the EJ – i need to call Marvin Enderlie…..

  6. Damn, that’s the day I fly back from Ecuador but I have to drive back to NC from Atlanta. Would you consider sticking around a few days and maybe doing a book signing at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh?

  7. Joseph Midnight Avatar
    Joseph Midnight

    If you want to come up to Concord, we’ll grill you up a nice dinner including fresh veggies from the garden.

  8. Would it be bad, illegal, or weird if I checked out and brought the Molly Fyde’s from the Union County Public Library for you to sign? I think they should be signed anyway, and all I have are kindle copies. ;/

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