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Are You Freakin’ Kidding?

No, I’m not kidding. I’m spending my morning editing the next Molly Fyde novel, working my way through from the beginning so I can see what needs to be done with the final few chapters. (This is the book I abandoned nearly two years ago when Wool took off. I was 90% of the way through it when I would’ve taken a break for NaNoWriMo. But my NaNo ended up being Wool 2, and I haven’t had a chance to get back to this novel in two years.)

So I’m reading along this morning, making some tweaks here and there, and I find Molly and Cole winding their way up a staircase. Now, keep in mind that Wool 2 had not yet been written — nor had the first Wool yet sold a hundred copies — when I wrote this draft of Molly Fyde and the Darkness Deep. But I just came across this little gem, written two years ago:

“Couldn’t they wire up an elevator in this place?” Cole asked, huffing deeply for effect.

Now, I love making mention of other books wherever I can get away with it and not make it too obvious. But this is not only too obvious, it’s completely unintentional! I think I’ll leave it, though, as it’s sure to draw a chuckle from a reader or two.

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I’m incredibly excited about this book. This is my favorite series you’ve done and it is nice to hear that you are still so enthusiastic about it after the tremendous success of the Wool series.

Reading the Molly stories reminds me of my early experiences with reading Science Fiction, where I would get totally lost in whatever universe the author had created. Molly does that for me and I’m anxious to get back into her world.

The MF series remains an undiscovered gem to so many of your fans. Thanks for keeping it alive and vibrant.

In some Stephen King novel the title of which escapes me, a character remembers reading a paperback thriller about a telekinetic girl who uses her power to seek revenge against her classmates.

I’m very excited to return to the Molly Fyde universe. I think there’s a lot of interesting stories left there to explore, and hope you keep it going much longer. I’m curious to find out if your experience with Wool has impacted your style in such a way as to give it a different feel, not that I think that’s necessarily good or bad either way.

The subconscious mind works in mysterious ways. Your mind was already writing Wool and you weren’t consciously aware of it. I like it when books, movies or TV include subtle references like this. It’s what Hollywood calls a “2 per center” — only 2% of the audience will catch the reference. It’s like an inside joke and those on the inside are rewarded.


I stopped by just to see the progress on the new Molly book and zeroed in on this post. I totally understand abandoning one project, however briefly, in favor of the bestseller but I’m SO HAPPY you’re back working on it!!!!

May I ask when you think it’ll be ready for release? And would it be horribly shocking if I told you I’ve only ever read the first Wool short, but devoured every Molly book and frequently return for more? ;)

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