How About Dem Apples?

12 responses to “How About Dem Apples?”

  1. Ha ha. a man of multiple talents.

  2. Freaking awesome, Hugh! I bet it was a surprise how fast you responded. :)

  3. Fruit abuse is horrible thing. BTW.. those limes should be in safely my vodka.. not flying through the atmosphere.

  4. Ah. This video is now explained. That will teach me to check Google before checking your posts. :)

  5. That cracked me up! I’m still giggling.

    Nothing like taking something literally.

  6. Did you have a secret past in the circus? Or perhaps it was a cruise ship thing. You can juggle, you know the ballet positions… is there something you’re not telling us?

  7. This should be a series:
    I bet you can’t roll a quarter across the top of your knuckles.

    1. Haha. This could get ugly.

  8. Oh yeah!!! Can you survive in Antarctica with nothing but a copy of your precious WOOL and a bottle opener? Huh? Can you? Huh? That’s what I thought. Failure….


  9. What about balls of yarn? could you do a couple of those? The only problem I guess is that they fall apart really easily. XD

  10. Nice to see an author who is so available to fans.

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