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I, Zombie skullduggery

Pick your favorite. Or “none of the above.”

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I like #3 best with #2 as second favorite. I like the subtle red on the #2 skull, but the blue tint on the moth throws it off a bit for me.

Definitely the third from the top.I like the subtlety of the ‘bug’ eyes. When I first saw your earlier post I didn’t pick up on it right away. Only after a second look did I appreciate this little mask.

I like the grey tone a lot too. Gives me a sense of loss and misery. I dig it!

I vote number 2, with number 3 as a pretty close second. I have blue eyes, so that I might be biased at the wings hinting at blue eyes. I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of them, though. Great work.

I like the red, but think it should match with the red in the title more. Would it offend thee were I to offer my own for the running? (I’m in “Use words that sound pompously ridiculous more” so please excuse me!)

For the record, many of the colored ones look too much like the skull is wearing sunglasses, which makes the image something else altogether.

*ponder* That would be sweet, assuming GIMP can handle Photoshop files. I think it can, yet it seems to be able to!

Wow! I love how different the skull looks. And the moth really pops for some reason. The skyline is really cool.

I think the text needs to be different. All one font and across the top or something. This is amazing stuff.

I was thinking the same about the font, but by the time I thought of it, I’d accidently merged the layer with the font into the one with the crown and so could not move one without warping the other.

When I go back and look at mine, they look horrible by comparison.

I’m starting to like the font staggered, just might play with a different font for the word “Zombie.” The position of the “I” is brilliant.

I love this.

I think I like the second and third out of this last batch.

And like I said on FB, you really don’t have to be doing this! If you want to send me some files, I can play around when I get home. I’m feeling guilty and like you’re underpaid. ;)

LOL, strangely enough, I was feeling guilty and like I was over paid!

Odd to get paid either way for something I had so much fun doing. (The skull in the first place.) This is just more entertainment for me.

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