Imperative to Develop SAND for Television

Announced today, on the first day of Comic Con here in San Diego: Imperative Entertainment, the company behind the reboot of NBC’s HEROES, is developing SAND for television.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news. You can read their coverage here.

I’m so thrilled with the team behind this. They totally got the novel and have an incredible vision for how to make this work with a scripted series that dives even deeper into this world (heh). More cool news about this soon.

Also: Some people who don’t have tickets to Comic Con but who want to get together and sign some stuff are looking to coordinate a meet-up. Things are crazy for me, so I’m thinking we do something near the Marriott Marquis, which is right beside the convention center. Maybe we could have mimosas on the deck by the pool. I think anyone can sneak in there. I’m looking at Saturday morning at 10am. Chime in with a comment below if that works for you.


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  1. Geri Sterling Avatar

    I’ll try to sneak in! Marriott at 10am then :)

  2. I won’t be in the area, Hugh. But I wanted to say your willingness to meet with readers like this is one of the many things that make you a rock star. Keep on fighting the good fight!

  3. Charla Arabie Avatar

    Man, if only I were in California! Have fun without me. :( lol

  4. I just wanted to say congratulations! How exciting to have Sand being made into a television series! Would you ever consider putting this into Kindle Worlds?

    1. It already is!

      1. Wow! I did not see that…sorry! I bet the volume of books under Kindle World will increase once your next release comes out, and of course the television series would also give great exposure. Again, congratulations!
        Oh, and this might be dumb question…but if you have KU, do you get access to the Kindle World books? Or is that completely separate?

  5. Annie Fanelli Avatar

    I’m thrilled that Sand is being made into a TV series. Frankly, I’d be thrilled to see anything you’ve written adapted for film or TV (preferably TV because, ya know, it lasts longer)

  6. Grrrr@Piper &Co who still havnt translated Sand in german language. I own the book in different editions but have not read it yet. Hopefully they jump in now. I will send them a mail again and again.
    Well done Hugh. And before Wool… Whoever thought that.

  7. Congrats Hugh, that’s so awesome stuff.

  8. Congrats HH, it’s just the first of many of your works to make the transition I’m sure. I really enjoyed Sand and was a little surprised that there didn’t seem to be a follow-up on the horizon, given the abrupt ending. But maybe this deal will have some influence on that possibility.

    1. The sequel is well underway. :)

      1. Great to hear Hugh, that makes me unspeakably happy.

  9. Shehab Abbassi Avatar
    Shehab Abbassi

    Loved this book, and I’m excited to see this come to life. Congrats on the success!!!

  10. Harald Johnson Avatar
    Harald Johnson

    Congrats to Hugh!

    I recently read Sand and found it very visual (in my head). The “main activity” will present an interesting production challenge, but I’m betting the result will be great.
    Way to go!

    1. Thanks! And the diving is really not much different than handling flying.

  11. Marion Schack Avatar

    I’ll see you at the pool.

  12. Jennifer Daydreamer Avatar
    Jennifer Daydreamer

    A SAND celebration in SAN Diego. Awesome.

    1. Bazinga!

    2. C. Michael Wells Avatar
      C. Michael Wells

      We’ve always called it Sandy Eggo

  13. Very excited about this, Hugh! I’ve had my own SAND novella nearly written for more than a year… complete with a Jason Gurley cover. I’ll have to finish that. Such a fantastic world you created. I can’t wait to read your sequel… thrilled that you’re diving back in. (Couldn’t resist!)

    I’m wondering if your sea voyages will inspire you to write a waterbound novel or two. Hey, is that title taken? WATERBOUND. Probably…

  14. Congrats, Hugh! Looks like you choose a great team to take it to television!

  15. Great news! Wish I could go…

  16. Awesomesauce!

    Great going Hugh!

  17. Incredible, congrats!

  18. Congrats Hugh. I read Sand six months ago and loved it. Hope all goes well! Best!

  19. Wow, congrats, Hugh! This is wonderful news!

  20. That’s amazing- Congrats! I can’t wait to see how your world is imagined on film!
    Hope you’re having a blast at Comic Con! I’ll be performing a covert entry to the Marriot- I hope they have sand floors!

  21. kathy czarnecki Avatar
    kathy czarnecki

    I will very likely see you at the pool at the Marriott.

  22. Hugh, I have listened to several of your podcasts and interviews and am enjoying Wool. Thanks for your continued inspiration for aspiring writers.

    A small editorial note from an English Major: your About section ends abruptly in the first paragraph and should read: “This website is a history of both of those dreams.” Happy sailing.

  23. Yes! Finally something about food suplement.

  24. Can not wait to “watch” Sand….how exciting to see your words/worlds realized in full technicolor. Your fans will be foaming at the mouth to “see” more, and more, and more……

  25. Now if only you can get out of your movie deal and get WOOL developed for TV as well. It’ll be much better as a TV series than as a movie….

  26. I’m in for mimosas by the pool tomorrow if it’s still happening!

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  28. Bawb Cawx (pen name) Avatar
    Bawb Cawx (pen name)

    Hi Hugh, Just downloaded The Plagiarist from Kindle. You have done what I was thinking – selling works on Amazon at really good pricing – shorter pieces at around a dollar. I would be keen to know a bit of the “logistics” involved in getting things e-published and, importantly, the financial aspect. Are these “giveaways” or is there a profit at this price level? Will your prices increase with your “reputation”?

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