• SAND Daily Deal!

    Oh, boy. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these. For today only, SAND is on sale for the bargain basement price of $1.99 (it’s usually $9.99!!). Don’t feel bad for taking advantage of this insane price. The publisher is taking the loss, not me! So buy as many as you like! Gift… Continue reading

  • The Value of Reading

    The Value of Reading

    Five years ago, I made the novelette WOOL available for free. Permanently. This is the short story that launched my career as a writer, and I wanted to make it available to as many readers as possible. When I discount my books, or make them free, I think about conversations I’ve had with authors about… Continue reading

  • Imperative to Develop SAND for Television

    Imperative to Develop SAND for Television

    Announced today, on the first day of Comic Con here in San Diego: Imperative Entertainment, the company behind the reboot of NBC’s HEROES, is developing SAND for television. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news. You can read their coverage here. I’m so thrilled with the team behind this. They totally got the novel and have an… Continue reading