James Ollier’s LIFEBOATS

This is freaking insane. Several musicians have gotten in touch with me to share their WOOL-inspired music (and even entire albums), but this is the first with lyrics that reference the silos. James Ollier just Tweeted that he wrote this after reading the WOOL trilogy. His voice is haunting. This is just my kind of music. I can’t thank James enough or praise him adequately for his work. Brilliant. Love to see this playing during the film one day. :)

Head over to James’s Facebook page and give it a like.

5 responses to “James Ollier’s LIFEBOATS”

  1. Did you ever imagine that something you created would inspire so many?


    Good job, man

  2. Wow. Humbling.

  3. This is really similar in tone to one of my other favorite movie songs: Ms. Misery from Good Will Hunting (plays during the credits at the end).

  4. Agree Hugh, this is quality and it has a great tone for “Wool”.

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