Jasper Schreurs is in the Kitchen…

…cooking up something scrumptious. A sneak peek at the “sketch” he sent me for the Fight for Peace cover. My first time “seeing” Edison got me quite emotional. Looking forward to returning to this universe after DUST is complete. :)

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  1. I love it!!!

  2. That looks great! I’m so glad to see that you’re still going to be coming out with the 5th book. I can’t wait to see where you continue to go with this series!!!

    1. I’ve got 4 more planned in the MF series.

      1. I Love You…

        1. Me too!

  3. I like the cover too. My problem was that my brain kept placing the armored bear (Iorek Byrnison) from “The Golden Compass” into the role of Edison. I knew it was the wrong image, but no matter how hard I tried, that darn panserbjorn was stuck as my Edison.

    I can’t wait to return to Molly & Co.

  4. Still haven’t gotten around to reading the Molly series. Nice cover. Reminds me a lot of Mass Effect.

  5. Great cover, to a great story. I am tossed between Mollie and WOOL. I like both equally. I too am wanting more Mollie.(The Bern Saga) Much more to that story I suspect.

  6. I LOVE this. Edison is my favorite character. Other than Mollie’s Wadi. And this pic is perfect’ he’s exactly how I pictured him. <3

    And pssst…..I'm almost finished with The Fight for Peace!

  7. That is pretty badass, Hugh. Better than OUT. Love unique covers like this that give some sense of the story, the bond between the characters, even a hit of their personalities.

  8. Love it! Can’t wait for The Return of Molly Fyde, as I’ve taken to calling it while waiting. :-)

  9. It’s great that you will continue the saga, there’re still a few unexplained things, and plenty of room to keep the story going.
    You know, in my mind I picture Edison way bigger than that, and white, and with more complex hands… but that’s one of the greatest things of books: they are different for each person that reads them.

  10. Hugh,
    I am so incredibly happy that you’ll be returning to Molly.. that was a spectacular series, and one of my all-time favorites. You do a terrific job and I for one can’t wait to read it !

  11. Hugh, do you know when the new covers will be available for your signed copies? I’m normally a first edition kind of guy but these new covers are stunning. No offense intended towards your previous covers, but I’m pretty happy I held off on ordering this series up until now :)

    1. The first book is already available. :)

      1. And ordered! Thanks, can’t wait for the next 3 (and beyond!)

  12. Perfect. I’ve been checking this site regularly to see if there was anything new for MF. Glad to hear there are plans!

    I’ve just finished Third Shift minutes ago and I’m itching for more Hugh. I say we clone you and get double the production efforts. Never stop writing.

  13. Squee! I’m so happy to hear there will be more adventures for Molly. Can’t wait to read all about them. :)

  14. Outstanding cover – much as I vaguely pictured the characters, but great to see “skin & bones” (albeit 2-dimensional) on them! Although I must have missed this particular adventure where they visited Seattle-of-the-future, I’m glad to see that the Space Needle is still standing! ;-)

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