Tonight at Redondo Beach!

I’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy from 7:30 – 9:30. I’m going to get there a little early. Come hang out!

Tomorrow night, I’ll be at Books Inc. in Berkeley. If you’re in the San Fran area, I hope to see you there!

9 responses to “Tonight at Redondo Beach!”

  1. Any chance you are doing a dinner someplace first? I have seen that at some of your other stops and my family would love it!

  2. Getting ahead of your schedule. I meant tomorrow in Berkeley!

  3. I’m up for dinner beforehand tonight, if you are.

  4. What a bonus that would be! David I read your books after Hugh recommended them and they were awesome!

    1. Thanks for that, Kay. I’ve been waiting a year to thank Hugh in person for sending those tweets. He’s been very supportive of newbie indies like me. He’s a role model for a new generation of aspiring authors.

      1. Then I certainly hope he is up for it! If not meeting him (and you) are an honor enough for me! When is your next book coming out? I almost cried when Scott was bitten but relieved that he is just a carrier. You have me captivated!

        1. Planning on having book 4 out this summer. In the meantime I am compiling an anthology called “Outbreak” that will include excerpts from a lot of good Z books, including part of Hugh’s “I, Zombie.” Best of all, it should be free! Thanks for the kind words about my books. I look forward to meeting you tonight too. Now lets turn this blog back over to Hugh where it belongs. ;)

  5. Enjoy meeting him tonight and thanks for the info. I knew I jumped the gun with my post as I meant Berkeley tomorrow. Can’t wait to read your anthology and your book this summer though!

  6. I was sort of hoping Hugh would suggest dinner before too… I was thinking Tacubaya before the Berkeley signing would be really close and tasty… hint hint.

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