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Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Kindle Worlds Webinar Giveaway!

All you saw in that title was “Giveaway,” right? Admit it. It’s okay. Details from a talking head:

Here’s the last webinar with J.R. Rain and Jason Gurley. 

Here’s where you can register for the Webinar and attend the event!

Two Kindle Paperwhites will be given away as well as Two $25 Amazon Gift Cards.

The winners will be announced on SATURDAY, January 18th!

No purchase necessary to enter!

619 replies to “Kindle Worlds Webinar Giveaway!”

Hey Hugh,

Neurologist walks into our finance meeting and says what is going on everyone is lacking vitamin D. As a society what are we doing wrong? I replied I was found to be deficit too since I’ve spent the last 30 years on a computer reading spreadsheets 8 hrs a day. BUT if I win a Kindle paper white I will be able to bask in our Southern California sunshine. It was 80 degrees today. My health is literally in your hands. True story :)

I’d very much like to win anything you’re giving away, kind sir! Thanks for the opportunity!

Giveaway you say?! I don’t know what else you said, but I’m in for a giveaway!

Haha.. have fun in Seattle!

Congratulations on your 1st fan fiction! I can imagine how intimidating it would be.The Wool world you created sets itself up perfectly for it and I have really enjoyed some of the fan visions that compliment your work.Taking on Vonnegut is quite ambitious,wishing you luck with the response!

I love your work Hugh! I look forward to reading your future work, and have you sign a few copies of your books when you visit our writers group.

Saw the post on Facebook, regardless of giveaway wanted to say I’m about half way through “Peace in Amber” and while I want to finish I may have to wait a bit…already a heavy emotional toll being paid.

Hi Hugh! Just started Sand the other day! We found your awesome mind when my husband found your book, Wool. I love it! And can’t wait for break today at work to keep reading!
Oh, and I was unable to hear the audio in your video, but you have a cute pup in the background! Have a great day!

Ahhhh I love that talking head!!! Thank yor the reason that I get to ignore my family for hours on end!! :p (but seriously, it has been an amazing journey! ! With all the stories so far! )

Love WOOL … can’t wait to get into SAND. That sentence makes no sense to anyone but your readers.

Hi Hugh! Love everything of yours that I’ve read thus far, and thoroughly enjoy introducing Wool (and then Shift and Dust) to people who haven’t yet heard of you!
I’m not gonna lie, if I win a Paperwhite, I’m giving it to my mom, us kids have wanted to get her one for a while but can’t seem to pull enough money together between us. She borrowed Wool from me and LOVED it! :)

I’m with ya there. My mom loves to read, and really enjoyed playing with my paperwhite. But they’re never on sale. One of these days I’m gonna have to suck it up.

I’m so excited to read your new Molly Fyde. Obviously, I enjoy your other works. but her, she’s my hero!

I look forward to being able to read Sand on the Nook when it becomes available there in a couple of months!

Cool compo Hugh!
Good luck with the webinar :)

*Guess a bit of charm never hurts*
Thanks for all the SiloTales and looking forward to the new stuff!

You have quickly become my favorite author. Thanks for all of the interaction you do with fans and for doing give a ways like this.

Knee deep in sand right now. Can’t wait for Peace in Amber & for going back and starting Molly Fyde…
Thank you!!!

Hugh – It is a highlight of my daily/weekly routine to peruse your candid blog. Thank you for your dedication to stirring the literary community. Oh! And I’m most looking forward to receiving my ordered copy of the Sand paperback! There was no question of what to do after reading the newsletter snippet.

I love your work. As a fellow writer, you have been an inspiration to me, especially when it comes to self publishing.

Hey Hugh,

Just finished reading Sand (on my iPhone, could use a kindle :)! Wow, what a great story. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

<> Ooooh, OOOOOH! Me! ME! Pick me! I am dropping EVERYTHING to read PEACE IN AMBER which pre-ordered! I love your dog! My dogs love your dog! Just pick me. Please. Thank you.

Umm. Is this where the comment goes? Oh wait, that was a question. Damn it! Love your writing, Hugh. And I love the one who introduced it to me…

Man, I love you! Is that enough to get me that kindle, hahahah? Anyway, if you do give me one, remember you’ll have to send it across the ocean, as I am in Amsterdam. No hard feelings if you don’t. Keep up the good and creative work.

Well done Hugh for introducing me to a whole new genre of reading. I have never read books as quickly as I read yours and I have never wished harder for books not to end as I did yours. I could have happily read the wool trilogy every day for the rest of my life.

Well done :)

Since I discovered the fantastic Silo saga world I have been looking for a new device to put all my new Kindle purchases on. It just keeps growing now with Sand, Jason Gurley’s new short story, and all the writers I am finding that you have allowed to advance the Silo saga. Thanks for the opportunity!

Peace in Amber is burning a hole in my kindle today while I’m at work, so it’d be handy to have a paperwhite to replace it!

Hi Hugh,
Started reading Sand today during my lunch break… Wow I had a really hard time stopping and getting back to work, even though I only just arrived at chapter 7.
Love the chance to win a Paperwhite, as I much prefer digital books; And with spring coming soon, being able to go outside to read is a big plus.
All the best from Switzerland

The best way for me to share your work with people I know, would be with a new Kindle Paper White & Amazon gift cards!

Kindle Paperwhite? Amazon Gift Cards? How could one pass up he chance to win stuff that will help read more of Hugh Howey writings. Sand is next on my list.

While you’re at Amazon (if you’re at their Columbia Center office) you should ask them to take you up top for the view. If not, oh well haha.

Of course I am here only for the giveaway ;) but in the meantime I’m listening to the Sand audition sample. Cannot wait!

My husband would love it if I had paperwhite as having my bedside light on when I read in bed at night keeps him awake. And I don’t get any other time to read, with an 18 month old toddler!

Shouting LOUDLY for the Kindle!! I am desperate to read Sand but, alas, it’s not available on the Nook yet.

Signed up for the webinar last night and I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing the link for the last webinar – first I need to read Peace in Amber:)

You rock dude.

Hi Hugh,

Love your books and have read everything but the most recent one’s (am saving those). Keep up the good work.

I love your work, but the dive description in Sand made me so claustrophobic I couldn’t sleep! :) I would love to win the Paperwhite or a gift card – more reading!

Also, FIRST, thanks for the mention! Second, tiny thing but Osage Two Diamonds doesn’t really “wrap up” today. Part 5 of 8 launches today, but it is my favorite episode, so again… THANKS FOR THE PLUG!


Free swag offers aside, I want to thank you for your work and your commitment to your fans. You’ve become an inspiration to a whole generation of independent authors!

My Kindle Touch has been the gateway to a lot of great reading that I wouldn’t otherwise have done. Would love the Paperwhite upgrade. :-)


Wool was literally life changing. It is a new perspective on the world that is fascinating as we live more and more in a world where the Wool can be pulled over our eyes. I can’t wait to read the second book in the series. It was an exciting day when I met you at the Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. Come back and visit anytime!!

Awesome. Finished Sand on the day it was released. Looking forward to reading Peace in Amber today or tonight. Keep up the good work.

I saw Peace in Amber just downloaded in the wee hours. I sure would love to finally upgrade to a Paperwhite so I can read it without having on the table lamp (it’s the little things, lol)

Safe journey to Seattle! (FWIW the seats in the concourse at SeaTac are the exact perfect height for cracking your back post-flight.)

Whether I win or not, thanks for all that you do for readers AND authors. If you ever need a favor from Alabama…

I think the biggest compliment I can give, is that my husband has begun to think of your books as “the other man”!

Enjoyed meeting you at the Tampabay comic con. It was great to meet a down to earth author who actually took time to talk with fans. Hopefully you will come back to Fl.

The idea and structure behind Kindle Worlds is interesting, so the webinar (and the giveaway) are pretty interesting!

Love all your works Hugh! Reading them has inspired me to put my over active imagination to good use and write a story of my own. Also, just started Sand, love it!!! :)

Wow… Hugh , I’m glad you have to pick the 2 winners because I would be racked with guilt and worry. All those great reasons ( for my mum, to escape my family) aren’t you ecstatic we are all just web followers not people you have to have coffee with each morning – but then again that could get very interesting !

I would love to win a paper white kindle, I have been reading since I was 4 so after 72 years my head is just full of books:)
Really enjoy your books, I haven’t read the Molly series my plan is to start on them next.

I’ve been reading your work since the first WOOL installment came out. I’ve loved watching your success!!

I’m a fan for life. Good luck!

PS. LoVe your sweet dog!


Would love to win a Kindle Paperwhite! Thanks so much for the many enjoyable hours I have spent reading your books.

Just finishing Dust – I can’t wait to read Sand. Thanks for getting me excited about reading again!

I *NEED* an e-reader. I read all of Wool on my HTC Android Phone (Yes, I’m serious). Please count me as worthy!

PS– Thank you for writing great stories.

I remember eating sand as a kid to see what it tasted like. It was not nearly as good as your book. If I win a paperwhite, I promise I won’t eat it. The name remind me of papermate white out which smells disgusting and tastes just as bad.

What can I say, I’m a weirdo.

So many comments, so little time! Love your work! Glad I came out from under my rock to discover it all a couple weeks ago!

I loved your Silo series and can’t wait to start Sand. Reading it on a Kindle Paperwhite would make it even better.

Woot! I already registered for the webinar! I don’t need to be sold though, as I am already part way through my first installment into your Silo World! I just hope it pleases folks, as I am taking a few liberties with the story direction. *wink* *wink*

Just got SAND, and am looking forward to starting it. Also, please, please tell me what happens to Molly Fyde! PLEASE?! (Also, Kindle please)


I stumbled across Wool last year and have been enjoying your work ever since. While Richard Matheson and Stephen King were my favorites growing up, it wasn’t ’till I read Wool that I got that ‘I must own everything this author publishes’ feeling. Thank you for writing your way up to the top of my Favorite Author list. My bank account thanks you also. My wife, not so much. She is reading Wool now though. As a librarian, she has a huge must read list and it only took forever for me to finally wedge Wool into it.

Hi Hugh! I’m about halfway done reading Sand, and I have to say that I’m loving it. The concept of that entire world is fascinating. I’m looking forward to the webinar, and I’ll see you there.


You’re up early and the dog is still taking a nap! Proof that your success is not about luck, but hard work. My kindle is old and about to die a slow and terrible death so I’m hoping for a replacement. Thanks for the opportunity and have fun in Seattle!

Loved the Wool series and looking forward to diving into Sand. Would love to do so on a Paperwhite. :-)

Just finished all of Wool and can’t help but be evangelical about it. Onto Sand as soon as I can.

I am simply amazed by the enthusiasm and generosity going on here. So many authors are not open to the idea of fan-fiction and it is exciting to run across someone who welcomes and encourages it.
This journey (Silo & company, Molly Fyde, and soon Sand) has been delightful.

Been enjoying Silo absolutely tons! A very well constructed world, congratulations!
I look forward to Sand already. And even more if on a new Kindlewhite ;-)

I lie to people and tell them you and me are best friends. And we play air hockey on the weekends.

After 10 years of writing fan fiction, I can certainly understand the appeal. ;) Too bad Amazon makes it difficult for non-US members to participate.
Still, original fiction always works best. I’m afraid Sand will have to wait until I finish the rest of Wool, but I’ll get there eventually.

I just purchased Sand, but my schedule is keeping me from reading it. I sure could use an new Kindle to carry in my bag ;)

Thanks for being on my go-to list of favorite writers!

Hugh, I found your work by accident and can’t stop reading! I’ve turned 3 friends into your Shift books…I gif Sabd this week and can’t wait to start reading !!

Hi, Hugh!
Big fan. My friends are absolutely sick of hearing me recommend Wool. Fortunately most of the have finally read it and I can leave them alone. Congratulations on all your well deserved success.

Peace in Amber is out,
Give Hugh a hand!
Hot off the press,
Following Sand.
Wool changed his life,
And mine as well.
For my girl was unsure,
If her book could do well.
But I sent her on here,
To Hugh’s awesome site,
Where she found a Lonetrout,
To help set things right.
And then she pressed publish,
And low and behold!
Her book went online,
And some have been sold!
But more important than selling,
Is that she’s inspired to write!
Thank you Hugh,
We’d love the Paperwhites!

Hooray! I think I am going to have to catch the talk afterwards on Youtube rather than the live webinar (schedules, grr), but I’m looking forward to it!

Congratulations on so much accomplished! You are an amazing author… not just in your talent, but also in your interaction with your fans! Thank you for that!

Love how personable you are Hugh! Love your constant interaction with your readers. Love how your Bella dog almost always makes an appearance on your videos :) You are super cool. I always look forward to your posts.

PS. After reading through the comments, I think poor Chris Konczak NEEDS a Kindle. Reading WOOL on his phone….that’s dedication.

Loved Wool. Just so taken away with the story! And Sand is awesome. What would make it more awesome, you ask? Reading Sand on a new Kindle Paperwhite!

Hi Hugh. I loved the silo books and can’t wait to read sand. I am entering the kindle give away because my kindle fire hd was recently stolen. I used it mostly for reading books so a kindle paper white would be a great replacement.

I’d love something free! But I’d also love to buy the single Sand books from you! Are you still planning on selling those this week?

I’d love to win a Paperwhite and/or gift card! My Kindle has been on the fritz recently (it’s the first gen one with the keyboard)… when see my wife’s paperwhite it’s sooo much easier on the eyes than my old one, and I’m suitably jealous.

Let me relate a quick e-book endorsement. My Oma, now age 93, was a voracious reader, but her macular degeneration got to the point that even large-print books wouldn’t cut it — so without complaining (i.e., without telling anyone) she just stopped reading.

A little over a year ago my wife and I found out why Oma had stopped reading. We decided to try giving her a Kindle since the fonts are scalable. Oma has no computer, so we would manage her account from afar and buy her lots of bodice-rippers (her favorites are historical romances set in Scotland); books would just appear on her Kindle “like magic.”

In the year-plus Oma has had the Kindle, she’s read 34 books. It’s wonderful.

The e-book has been an incredible life-improvement for Oma — living alone, and sometimes having trouble sleeping, reading was an important part of her life that failing eyesight stole from her. Now, with a Kindle in hand, she has plenty of rakes and rogues to keep her company.

For most of us the Kindle is a modern convenience. For some, the e-reader is a life-altering invention that enables them to continue doing what most of us take for granted: losing one’s self in a good book.


By the way, your dog is adorable. That’s not an effort to earn an extra entry; it’s just a fact. :)

Our whole family became fans when I stumbled across Wool and we read it for our book club. Wishing you a long and productive career!!

Haven’t read Sand yet for a really dumb reason: I’m afraid it won’t be as good as Wool. Which is so moody and, um, what’s the word, atmospheric. Wool feels very real to me.

Anyway, I want to win. :)

I just started “Sand.” I can tell that I’ll need a bottle of water handy while I read this book. :-)

My sister’s birthday is Jan 18th, so winning the Kindle Paperwhite would be the perfect gift for her. With “Wool” and “Sand” installed, of course.

Thanks Hugh.

Yes, all I saw in the title was “Giveaway!” I NEED MORE STUFF!

Looking forward to reading Peace in Amber.

Never seen so many replies so quick. Giveaway really is the magic word.
Congrats on Sand being so good by the way

Your work has been inspiring and motivational for me. Literally, when ‘Third Shift’ came out, I didn’t let myself read it until I had finished writing a chapter of my PhD thesis (in astronomy). I rewarded myself with your books to get me through grad school, ha! I’m doing it even now- I can’t read ‘Sand’ until I submit this paper I am working on to a journal for publication. I don’t know how you keep cranking out these winners. Anyway, good luck with ‘Peace in Amber,’ and I hope you feel better about it. I can’t keep up with your writing- I better get my work finished faster. Thanks for always keeping in good touch with your fans.

Fellow PHS alumni here. Love your work and am proud of what you’ve achieved ! I can’t wait to read Sand!

I just wanted to say how happy I was to hear your comments about writing a fan fiction. I can write my own stories all day long but adhering to a preset world and characters, even if you change it up for your own use, has been harder than I care to admit. It actually made me question my abilities as a writer. Hearing those words come out of your mouth made me feel a lot better. Thank you so much for including that little tidbit in your video!
I don’t need a Kindle so please don’t include me in that drawing. Wouldn’t mind a gift card though, lol.
Thank you for all that you do for the self-pub community! <3
P.S. You're work is amazing :)

Really enjoyed SAND and looking forward to the next Molly Fyde!

Count me in for the Kindle White Giveaway!

Looking forward to reading Peace in Amber – I haven’t read Slaughterhouse 5 but I was in NYC on 9/11 so I am sure it will resonate. Loved Sand, the Silo Saga and the Plagiarist ! So brave to share something so personal. Oh, and pick me !

P.S., just so you know, when I typed “hugh” into my search engine to get to your website, Howey was the first thing to come up. What ?????

Met you in Denver. SAND is next on my list, and it is already purchased. Would love to read it on a new Kindle White. :-) Congrats on all your well deserved success!

There are some authors you drop everything for. Hugh Howey is one of them. Woke up with Peace in Amber downloaded to my device. It’s next as soon as Sand is done. Thanks for the great work!

I hereby duly and officially comment upon this thread. Gimme gimme gimme.

And why I’m here, Wool was one of the best-crafted stories I’ve read in a long while. Nothing shows respect for a reader like an author taking the time to think through all the pieces and make them fit. Kudos!

A Hughku:

Hugh Howey scribes worlds
Not only on paper, but
on our hearts and souls.

(Perhaps also on Paperwhites :) )

You’ve been a huge inspiration to me and always seem to be honing your skills while keeping things fresh in publishing! Whether you’re creating great characters, sucking, praising fellow authors, or just being humble with your own, you seem to get it right when most don’t. Thanks and hope to win something!!

And I thought getting a piece of history (your marked up proof) by ordering the Fallout Shelter USB was enough…

Here’s to you getting so popular that your interns won’t have time to respond to inane comments!

Hi Hugh,

I’ve already got a Kindle, but I’d love one of the vouchers, if I’m so lucky.
I still haven’t got all your books so a voucher would let me complete the collection :-)

Fingers crossed,


Great idea! Although as your MOST devoted fan you don’t need giveaways to lure me here!

If I were to win I would donate the Kindle to my daughter. She has recently left home to study and is living in a new town 2 hours from us. She doesn’t have internet and we can’t afford to buy her a televsion yet, so she does a lot of reading. We are ex-pats living in France and sometimes English books are hard to come by, hence a Kindle would make her very happy. She started reading WOOL on my Kindle at Christmas, but didn’t finish it in time and had to leave (without Kindle) to go back to work. I know she desperately wants to finish reading it, so if I were to win I’d make sure it arrived with her fully preloaded with all your books :)

Hugh, I love your work. I am an author as well, and have recently finished work on a new novel and am writing another. You have inspired me to pursue my own publishing path and to retain my rights and make the most of my writing career. Thanks so much for being the torch bearer for the rest of us.

Hugh you have been super inspirational to me. The reason I started writing was due to your making indie writing seem less daunting. You deserve every amazing thing life can offer and years of continued success. It has been a great experience watching you do what you do. Thank you.

Love your books so much. I’m a library assistant at my local library and I hounded my director to purchase the Silo saga for our collection even though she had never hear of them (How that is possible I don’t understand!). I’m happy to report that since they enter our collection months ago there has only been one day where I saw Wool on the shelf and it was checked out by the end of my shift ;)

Oh and by the way – Sand was phenomenal. I was blown away.

I *do* have a first generation paperwhite but my lovely husband doesn’t. I’ve seen the improvements on the new version so I’d be generous and donate him my old one….#wifeinamillion…

Looking forward to Peace in Amber and all your future work. I’m especially looking forward to Molly Fyde and the Darkness Deep whenever it is finished :)

I’m just getting ready to start Third Shift. Love the Wool series! And your success inspired me to start publishing on Kindle too, so thank you! I won’t put the link since I don’t want to be that spammy guy. But thanks!

Started Peace in Amber last night, only got about half way through it. It’s a damn fine story. I really enjoy how it switches btw a story to memoir and back to a story. Something tells me the fictional side of the story may be more truth, and the emotions felt from having experienced that day. It’s kind of weird as a photojournalist, when I tell people about that day and my experiences there. I usually do it through the story of others that I collected while I was there. And that usually suffices for interested folks, but every now and then a keen listener will interrupt and ask “but how did it make you feel?” That story always has been the toughest to tell, so I applaud you for telling yours in such a way that makes my way even more understandable to me. (If that makes any sense)

Hey Hey Hey! Look over here! It’s my birthday today! Does that mean I deserve a paper white? I sure hope so!

Lovely job on Sand, just finished part 5 a few days ago and now I feel a hollow place in my heart that I need to fill with another book.


I’m not like all these other fair weather friends. Unlike them, I have the Hugh Howey T-shirt, Hugh Howey socks and Hugh Howey backpack. And whenever people greet me on the street I always respond, “Howey doin?” This is why I think I should win the Kindle Paperwhite and all the gift cards and that everyone else should get coal.

Thank you

Thanks for everything, Hugh. I read the Wool Omnibus and am most of my way through the Molly Fyde series, and I’ve loved all of it so far. What I also appreciate is the time you spend encouraging other writers and providing information on the indie publishing industry. It’s gotten me writing again, every day. So yes–thanks!

If I win a Kindle I am going to fill it with your books and gift it as a gift so someone can enjoy your books as much as I am on my Kindle!

Thank you for letting us know about the webinar. I’m ever curious about different people contributing to a same world, as your Silo saga. If the time’s right, I’ll try to attend.
Regarding the giveaway, if it’s not open internationally you can drop my name.

Best of luck for the webinar!

Absolutely love SAND and can’t wait to see the signed print omnibus version. Also looking forward to starting Peace in Amber, especially after I visited the 9/11 Memorial in NYC during Thanksgiving recently. Not ashamed to say I cried like a baby… again.

I would gladly take one of those paperwhites off your hands! I love your writing; looking forward to reading Sand. I still tell everyone to go read the Silo series.

I would like to submit a suggestion, and only because I’ve encouraged a few d/Deaf readers your way. The videos, which I (and Joshua) enjoy very much, are inaccessible to many with hearing loss.

As you’ve been “interviewing” audiobook narrators, id love to submit my resume as the ASL interpreter in the corner of all your vids. Ha!

Really, you might consider posting a transcript beneath your videos with the main points of what you’re saying.

Or, Y’know, go high tech and I’ll interpret the crap outta what you’ve got to say. Oh, and ask Amazon if they need a terp for their webinar to make it accessible for Deaf folk, too. Put a good word in for me.

Reading “Sand” now…”Peace In Amber” is next. All the lobe in the world to you man, you deserve everything you get!

I, too, appreciate all the advice you’re offering people on the indie publishing front. The video above reminds me of something I want to work on, too: decreasing my use of “um” in my speech. (I hope that doesn’t come across insulting – I’m right there with you).

I love everything I’ve read of yours so far, I have several that I still need to read. Keep up the awesome work!

I just finished reading Wool and Shift during vacation and I’m getting ready to start Dust. These books are some of the best I’ve read. The storyline is excellent and it’s just an enjoyable and thought provoking read from start to finish. Thank you for the writing that you do!

OOOO….please pick me!!! I’d love the autographed one! Got the KV link early this morning and can’t wait to read it. Need to order a signed copy of SAND, but can’t remember my
PayPal logo in…trying to find it soon! Keep up the great work…I keep recommending you every time someone asks what have you most enjoyed reading this past year. WOOL is always the answer…actually up there with my top three books of all time!

Your sales pitch worked Hugh, off to download Peace in Amber when I am done Sand… Back to my coffee and kindle.

Ooh ooh, free stuff! Sign me up!

Okay, with that out of the way, I wanted to address something that’s been bothering me. So, for the perhaps one individual out there that HASN’T read WOOL, spoilers ahead.

There’s one big piece regarding the final book in the WOOL series. It was the religious aspect. Now, I can’t know entirely what Thurman’s plan was, but I expect from the things we’ve seen there was a great expectation that the ‘new people’ would go forth from the Silos without the knowledge that doomed the rest of the human race. Towards that end, I can’t imagine why an uncontrolled element like religious fanaticism was permitted to endure. Right there you’re shooting yourself in the foot by allowing a parallel power structure that people could look to for legitimacy. It seems to me that this was a departure from the purpose of Operation Fifty and the whole segment in the book just didn’t read true.

Picked up the kindle edition of SAND last weekend and was going to start reading it this week, maybe I’ll get to finish reading it on a paper white! ;)

My last cup of coffee while I scroll through Facebook with the dog snoring in my lap. The plan for the day was to write…or read…but I found your post about giving away a Paperwhite…so here I am, not ashamed to say, “Pick me! pick me!”

It would be sweet to read SAND on a new Kindle and equally as sweet to re-read WOOL on the same device. Thank you for your wonderful tales, Mister H.

I’ve read Wool Shift and Dust and have to say these are such fun! Good pace and a great story. Keeps you engaged! Keep up the good work Hugh!

Now this is cool. My significant other remembered to bring home an eye loop from work so I could finally read the moral sayings that surround the title page SAND from the individual book 5 of Sand. Very awesome idea and wondering if I had a Kindle White if I could have set the font big enough to read it. I may never know….. It is, fun to find little surprises like that in a book. You just don’t see that much.

Hi, Hugh! I have been following you pretty much from the early beginning – all the way from Norway, actually.

Would love to get the Paperwhite and give it away to a fellow reader without a Kindle. With all your works on it, ofcourse :)


Anytime someone uses “you fools” it just makes me think of that scene in lord of the rings when Gandalf says “Fly, you fools!” right before he falls. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Oh, and I’d love some free goodies! :)

You amaze me in more ways than one. Your writings are all so good. (You have the greatest imagination!) You are kind to all those you meet and you make all of us feel as if we are your friend. Your web casts are fun to watch and/or participate in. Thank you for being you! You make life for the rest of us fun by reading your books and communicating with you on FB and your web site. Keep being you! Enjoy Seattle!

Hey, Huge! Love your work. I have been working through your entire collection (often buying them in multiple formats…I love them that much). I tell everyone that will listen to check you out. Thanks for sharing your talent with me and the rest of the world!

I finished reading Peace in Amber this morning. It’s one of those stories that I know will stay with me a long time. So many things to think about and remember. It had a profound impact on me on many levels. Thank you for sharing the story with your readers.

I really loved WOOL. I have the others and will dig into them as soon as I am thru my beta read list.

I could not put down Wool, and recommended it to all my friends. I can’t wait to not put down Sand. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment!

Hugh Howey, I have loved your writing since I first laid eyes on the Molly Fyde series. I feel so blessed to own signed copies of that series :-) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Wool and have told EVERYONE to read it…and most of them have :-) I am always excited to read what comes out of that interesting brain. All my best to you and Dr. Lyda. :-)

Registered for the webinar even though I’m not sure I can make it. Will you post a link to it afterwards? Thanks in advance for the Kindle!

“I have no shot at winning.” the reverse-psychologist uttered as a slow, strange grin crept across his face.

I’ve been flying under the radar for some time now, but I’ll come back up for a giveaway ;-) in all seriousness, I’m liking forward to reading Sand and more. Starting to catch up on you!

There are many world mysteries, but the most puzzling: how do you do it? Oh well, just keep it up, and thanks!

Hugh, either stop writing so much or invent a way to make time stand still. There are so many things on my “to-read” list, I can’t keep up!

Love your work, and I’m just reiterating my reddit invite to have dinner with us next time you’re in Greensboro!

Did it work? Did I manage to post a comment? Given my complete ineptitude at submitting a comment on a basic blog form, I’m probably not safe to be given a kindle to play with. I’ll probably try and use it to butter my toast. Best just send me a gold star sticker instead :-(

Free stuff sounds good. :)

Peace in Amber is out? I’ll buy it as soon as it hits the canadian amazon store.

I’m excited to read Peace in Amber, congrats to you on your 1st fan fiction! I just downloaded Sand to my old Kindle a couple days ago but it would look amazing on the Kindle Paperwhite! (I promise not to tell IT a thing).

If I win I will purchase your entire collection…..even the bad ones…..but seriously, you are a fantastic author. I discovered you with Wool and have been a fan ever since though I do admit I have yet to read any of your work except for the Silo series. I just bought Sand and plan on going back to your earlier work after that. Wish you the best!

Thanks for the Molly F. and the Wool Series…these books really transported me to the places you were describing. I got hooked up on Wool just by searching in amazon, top kindle books! can you believe that…I read the first wool and couldn’t stop!
After that I read Molly F. part one and I LOVED her so much that I bought all you other books…YES ALL YOUR OTHER BOOKS!
Right know I have SAND waiting for me….
Thanks sir. I appreciate your talent…please keep writing!!
And by the way…English is not my first language…so for me to love a book written in English…is a big deal!

All I can say is if you’re not reading Hugh Howey then you’re missing out…and there is something very wrong with you.

I’ve read all your Molly Fyde books up to date, I,Zombie, and the Wool series! You’re the absolute, best author I’ve ever discovered. Starting Sand now! Thanks Hugh, keep them coming!

I have Sand ready to go only kindle, just need some actual time to read it. It’s amazing how little time there is these days! Have fun in Seattle, it’s one of my favorite places to visit!

My Peace in Amber preorder went through this morning, will be putting my current book on hold to start it. Love your work!

So, my Kindle was stolen a few months back, and a new one would be amazing! The up side? On my kindle was all of Wool and Shift, and all of your Molly Fyde books, so you have definitely gained aother fan, even if they are a thief. Ha! Love your work Mr. Howey!

I would love a new Kindle Paperwhite! Mine old school Kindle Touch was broken over the holidays and it was the only access I had to the Wool & Molly Fyde books. Also, I would use a giftcard to buy Sand, which I haven’t read yet, because I’m saving up for a new Kindle.

In any case, thanks for being awesome and writing excellent books. I’m really looking forward to reading Sand (which I’ll pick up once I get a new Kindle, regardless of my shameless vying for one here :P) Cheers!

I’m a huge fan of your work! I’d love to win a paperwhite so that I can give my husband my old kindle. I want him to reread WOOL so that he can read the Shifts (and DUST) which are on my kindle. Oh, and we just had our first wedding anniversary. Since the theme is paper, he got me a signed copy of WOOL!

I found you on Amazon while looking for post-apocalyptic books and have been hooked ever since! Love your work! Would love to see you in Los Angeles! Pick me!!!!

Can’t wait for the audio version of Sand to be released- car rides to school are a little long!

Did you factor the cost of driving around Houston into your publishing model? :D

I love your work and the way you started a revolution in self-publishing and promotion! It’s time for my 9 yr old to be able to carry his own book collection on my old Kindle when I win one! Thank you for the hours getting lost in the silo! Are these Kindles signed by any chance?

Hi Hugh! Question about Peace in Amber – I have not yet read anything by Kurt Vonnegut (no worries, Slaughterhouse Five is pretty high on my TBR list). Do you recommend I wait to read Peace in Amber until after? And THANKS for the giveaway! *fingers crossed*

I have not been able to convince my wife to read your books. Maybe, a free Kindle will convince her that you are a great guy and she will read all of your books. Unless of course I win the signed Kindle because that will be mine. However, I will then try to convince her of your awesomeness by showing her my new Kindle.

I found Wool more-or-less by accident, and I was hooked! I love your writing, and I love that you were a captain (I teach sailing). Did I win?

Great writer – twisted in a beautiful way – and although we haven’t met, I can see you’re a great guy, too. I’ve also been told you’re a great guy by those in the know! :)

I am looking forward to reading SAND. A new paper white would let me read it when my insomnia hits.

:calming breaths — calming breaths:
Okay, I’m calm. Have you noticed that I post less and that I don’t show up at every Q&A these days? I’ve made progress, and now you post this. I am addicted to reading and addicted to and addicted to your updates, so unfortunately, all progress is cancelled and I’ll be stalking again.
Thanks, Hugh.
Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I love your wool books :)
I plan to start more books that you have written and can’t wait!!!

Thanks for the great books!!

I would love a Kindle PW to read your stuff on. Or perhaps some Amazon credit to buy more of your stuff ;-) Thanks.

Science fiction is not generally my genre of choice but I loved Wool and the Molly Fyde series. I am a big fan of great characters in writing and that’s where you hook me.

Looking forward to reading Sand


Sand was amazing – looking forward to Peace in Amber too, though I feel like I need to set aside a solitary afternoon to deal with the inevitable emotional aftermath.

I have a kindle so someone else can enjoy that! I’d like to be entered for a gift card, like you said good as cash!
Good luck at the webinar, I’m going to try and tune in. Sounds interesting!

Double the chances, double the fun – would love to have a new Kindle Paperwhite! I’ve almost worn out my Kindle 2 completely.
Good luck with your new K.V. fan fic (like you need it … lol)!

With my shameless comment to try and win I will leave a suggestion:

With that fancy progress meter on the left why not let people start pre-ordering anything listed on the progress meter giving you a financial gauge to determine which titles have the most interest amongst fans.

Here is the kicker though the moneys collected go into an escrow that you the author will not get until the book is finished. Pre-orders get more and more expensive as the progress meters near completion.

And if you the author opt to cancel the book (because you shouldn’t write something just for the money but because the story is there and it is a great one) everyone gets their money back no harm no foul. Muse upon it for a while ignore it if you will but just a new idea I just had to further evolve the paradigm of the publishing world.

Pick me! Pick me! You could consider it a wedding gift (kidding) :P
My soon-to-be husband and I are constantly sharing my old keyboard style kindle back and forth – it’d be awesome if he had his own to read while commuting on the train.

Hugh, Finally got to finish reading “Dust” (loved it!!). Now I’m deep into “Sand”. Maybe I’ll be finished with it when the new Molly Fyde is out).

Currently reading the Sand Omnibus and loving it! Also, just ordered a signed copy for my son (even though he won’t be old enough to read it for years). Jase will proudly inherit my book collection including all of my Hugh Howey works!

Hugh Howey rules faces!! Spent months reading new books off of the bestseller list and being disappointed…until I read the Silo series…holy crap. :)

Just bought the Sand omnibus too…I’m a huge fan.


Got my dad to read Silo Saga instead of those Hunger Games and Divergent series he had been reading. He said, “finally something written for adults and not tweeners.” I got the kindle version of Sand the same day you released it, but only have my phone app to read it on. Would like that kindle reader! Love the grittiness of Sand so far and think my Dad will like it even more than the Silo Saga! Keep up the great work. All my favorite authors are starting to retire so it’s great to have someone talented and new come along.

Thanks for your support of GB, Hugh. Being able to help others is really what this whole life thing is about.

I’ll continue to read your works on my aged first gen Kindle, Hugh Howey. Your stories are just that good! I completely lose myself, and forget I’m staring at a miniscule screen with a keypad, yes, a keypad. You keep writing, and I’ll keep reading! Thank you for making it enjoyable! :-D

A good friend of mine turned me on to “Wool,” and as much as I loved the book I was even more impressed with your progress in and support of self publishing. As a self-published author, I’m always trying to “crack the code,” to figure out the best way to get my work to the people who will appreciate and love it, and I’m extremely impressed and appreciative of your success. Keep up the fantastic work. Thanks for everything. Give me a Kindle.

Love interacting with such an awesome author! Can’t wait to receive my signed copy of Sand! You are just getting too many fans… it’s decreasing my chances of winning this kindle! ;)

Hi Hugh, I love your books. I’m really looking forward to the new Moly Fyde.
So, regarding the Kindle thing: First of all, Wool was one of the first things I bought for my Kindle, and the first book that was distributed only as an eBook (well, then it was), and the second thing is that my kindle is cracked in two corners (thanks cat!), so I’d love a new one, especially the paper white. I now have the kindle they sold two years ago with the keyboard that I never use.

I’m currently reading Sand and I like it a lot. I’d so love to have you read one of my short-stories but unfortunately I do all my writing in German and my written English isn’t the best. I want to invite you to take a look at my work. Perhaps it can impress you a bit.

I would love to someday read a book of you that has a protagonist or sidekick with a disability. I believe that this would win you lots of readers!

I enjoyed your Silo series and have turned several people onto it. I’m looking forward to reading Sand and eventually your earlier works.

I have a book I coauthored coming out with a traditional publisher in a couple months, but your self-publishing work has inspired me to follow in your footsteps with a couple other projects I’m working on. Cheers!

Looking forward to getting the Sand book in a couple of weeks, Do you plan on still selling the Sand single issues signed as mentioned on your USB Drive webinar?? Would be interested. Thanks!!

Giveaway is a great idea but I missed the thing I really wanted. I was hoping to get a signed German edition of WOOL for my stubborn friend. Something sweet, along the lines of:
Dear Imran,
Your adopted mother says you are an idiot if you just wait for the movie to come out.
From the coolest author ever,

If I win the Kindle paper white, I will write my first piece of fan-fiction in Hugh’s world!

Actually, that’s probably incentive for Hugh not to give it to me…Ha!

I enjoy reading your books and doubly enjoy your wicked success! Just by keeping all of us updated on your adventures makes me happy for you and your family.

I am in the last 40 pages of The Wool Trilogy, what should I read next?

It would be nice to read the next Hugh Howey novel without keeping my wife awake by keeping the light on ;)


Just finishing up Part 5 of SAND now. Would love a new Paperwhite (signed!) to replace my aging Kindle 3. Keep up the good work!

I like giveaways, but feel weird writing the comments to enter them. Anyway, I appreciate that you are willing to put in the time and energy for things like this. I’m going to knit today.

Just finished Sand: Part 3 last night. You knocked me on my ass with that ending. Can’t wait to read part 4 and 5. Would love a kindle to read your future work. Thanks for the amazing work, Hugh!

Hugh, I stumbled upon your books almost a year ago (recommendation by two friends who raved about your Silo series) and you have rapidly become my favorite author! Have you attended sci-fi conventions? Norwescon, held in Seattle each year, is heavily geared towards writers. I think the convention would really benefit from your experiences in self publishing and corroborative writing (among other things!). Would love to see you there some year!

Came here to check on the status of the next Molly Fyde book. Hopefully I will win a Kindle Paperwhite as well! Woo Hoo!

Hey Hugh. I cannot wait to start your story Sand. Or should I read Wool first? A new Kindle would be great because my old one is beginning to die on me. Your video kept stopping for me. Well, fingers crossed!

You are a great example of how a writer can still be down to earth and cool. It is generous of you to offer such cool gifts. Have fun in Seattle!!

Silo Saga. Sand. Peace in Amber. …history will remember your words, and you, for your gift to those of us lucky enough to be on the receiving end. Thanks Hugh Howey.

Your books are incredible! You have the amazing ability to completely transport people to an entirely different world – thank you so much for that. Keep up the good work!

Howdy! I really enjoyed your writing style. As an electrical and mechanical engineer, I truly enjoyed the vast amount of detail you put into the technical aspects of Wool/Shift/Dust. It really made the story grounded and authentic! You have a great grasp of how the world works, along with the people that inhabit it. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading Sand.

i downloaded the kindle app on my tiny mini smart phone just so i could read sand. and i love it! stayed up well into the night because i couldnt put it down :) would love to win the ereader for a bigger screen :) thank you for all your books mr howey

Awesome! I love that you’ve been doing more webinars/videos. It’s amazing to see an author so willing to interact with his readers. You give hope to us all!

I have heard a lot about what you have been doing. I hope you continue to do well. A lot of my friends swear by your writing. Good strength.

I would love to give the Kindle PaperWhite to one of the monks that is here. Just a thought.

You’ve had quite the year, and this one is starting off strong too. The way you’ve handled yourself and treated your fans has been very commendable, generous. We all feel as though we’ve been a part of your life.
Thank you for all the stories, and thank you for letting us know you.
P.S. I would love a Kindle PaperWhite. I had a Kobo, but it’s now broken. I love having the hard copy version of the books, but I like keeping them pristine and reading them on an e-reader.

My favorite part of this post was watching Bella in the background. :) I started reading Sand last night. I’m a little mad at you today because I couldn’t put it down, so I didn’t get any sleep. If you keep writing such great books, I’ll never get any sleep and I won’t be able to function at work. I’ll get fired, and end up homeless. And it will all be all your fault. ;)

In the midst of the Wool trilogy and eagerly awaiting my signed copy of Sand. Keep doing what you’re doing, Hugh!

Finally got the USB drive yesterday, with your letter(too bad there is not red mark for me), and the Wool series feel like a dream I had a long time ago. Reading the Peace in Amber now, maybe after that a re-read of Wool is in order. Thank you, Hugh.

I’ve been a Howey fan for almost three years now, way back when I had to wait for wool 4 and 5 to be written just so I could continue the story! Love the work and can’t wait for more!

I’m totally addicted, you have a fan/customer for life. After reading part 1 of Wool for free on Amazon Prime, I was hooked and subsequently purchased all your other works available there. I just purchased Sand and I am looking forward to delving in to a new Hugh Howey world! I don’t envy you going to Seattle for this Webinar with Amazon. I prefer it here in sunny St. Pete Beach!

Just downloaded Sand, and can’t wait for a free few hours to immerse myself. Keep up the good work!

I only just heard about your books about a month ago. I read the Silo Series in about 4 days, my eyes were about to fall out! haha. Absolutely loved them! I had no idea I even liked post-apocalyptic sci-fi, to be perfectly honest. Sand is just as compelling so far, almost finished. Thank you! Can’t wait to read more of your work. : )

Giveaways are a passive treat compared to the prolific activity of Hugh Howey, but a treat nonetheless. Maybe the winners will enjoy their their treasures as much as a book by this author, but that may be hard to do. How’s that for competition. ;) Or, best or both worlds: win a Kindle, and put his books on it. Done!

OK, you got me. I saw the giveaway and clicked right away. After all, I didn’t see the last two sales you did until everything was gone. Those leather bound books looked really nice.

I picked up WOOL on summer vacation. That book reinvigorated my love of reading. I have now read more books in the last 6 months than I have in the past 3 years! Thank you Hugh. And thank you for being such an advocate for readers and writers alike!

I live in rural New Zealand and my Kindle opened my eyes to a whole new world of books and authors I’d never come to know or read otherwise. I’d love to provide someone else with that experience.
Buzz – currently digging into Sand.

That’s a lot of comments after just a few hours. I wonder if the odds will be any better than the lottery by Saturday. Gotta play to win.

I am so not sucking up to you for merchandise. I mean, um, edit that. Strike the “not”, insert “totally”.

I will say I’ve been reading and I’m impressed. Not too shabby, man. Not too shabby. :)

As a german reading all your books in english I think you should count me in twice :) Next time you’re booktouring in DE come to the Ruhrgebiet, I’ll be there!

Love all your books, but especially “Half way home”. Please give us a sequel soon.

As I have always said, I love ALL of your work Hugh! Keep it coming! (Oh yeah,I would LOVE to win anything you give away

Always great to see how well you are doing these days, can’t believe you are getting to do cool Amazon contests! Would be cool to read the books I have on an actual Kindle instead of just the app if I win!

Hugh, my dear Hugh… ;)

I could shower you with compliments and try and convince you that I would love to win the Kindle Paperwhite, but it is hard.

The best thing that happened to me was unfortunately not meeting up with you in Amsterdam.

The best thing that happened to me in 2013 was the birth of my son Luc Fox and proposing to my girlfriend… meeting you, my favorite author, the writer that managed to take me away, out of this world into the world of Wool, Shift, and Dust (special Oxford comma for you) whenever I needed to escape. Thanks for giving me, us, an option to escape into your world of Wool. Thanks for being such a friendly guy. Thanks for being such a swell guy and taking time out of your schedule to meet me for coffee on a Sunday in Amsterdam.

The 3rd best thing that happened to me last year was meeting my favorite author, Hugh Howey! Just wanted to say thanks :)

I can’t wait to see if I win a kindle (oh pretty please)…I’ll be buying your short story to read on my phone! I did this for the first time yesterday with the short story you recommended on FB and was not disappointed. Though I was a bit squinty for the rest of the day. All this to say, I’m very excited to read this new piece of your work! And I just happen to be in Seattle…and my birthday is on Sunday…kismet?