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Sand: The Audiobook

I’m thrilled to announce that Sand has found her voice! And it’s that of Karen Chilton, who absolutely blew me away with her audition.

I literally danced around the room with goosebumps as I listened to her read chapter one. I couldn’t believe I might get this talented woman to read my book! And then I thought how much it sucked that you all weren’t hearing what I was hearing. But why not? I asked if I could share the audition, and I was given the thumbs-up. So here it is!


How haunting and magical and lyrical and timeless was that? Look for the audiobook around the end of February, which should be when Sand hits all other distributors. It’ll also be available DRM-free here on my website directly. And that’ll be around the time that I take the signed copies down from the site. So get those while you can. I won’t be able to keep fulfilling those orders as my travels pick back up.

Cheers, everyone! Thanks for making this release a hit and for making writing so much fun.

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I am particularly fond of such voices for audiobooks — low, rich. And she soeaks in exactly the tempo I prefer. 100 points for the declamatir!

Holy Toledo, she sold me at ” … leather creaking and scabbards clacking”. Damn, all kinds of insane talent happening here, in the writing and the reading.

You’re a lucky man to have gotten her, Hugh. Congratulations!

Jonathan :)

You made a great choice, Hugh! A narrator can make or break a book, and I would love listening to Sand with Karen reading. I am reading it on my Kindle now, but will have to listen to it again when the audio comes out.

Hugh, she’s pretty awesome (Karen, you’re awesome!). Have you ever done a post on the method and or procedures you use to make your audio books? Obviously, this lady is a serious pro so are you managing all of this or are you working through somebody who is producing the audio book?

I closed my eyes, pretending I was there In the Sand. It was as if I was listening to the radio again. For in my youth, that is all we had. But, oh what imagination one has when a voice comes over the airwaves and gives you goose bumps, making you dwell on every word while anticipating the next.
I never wanted her voice to end.. Those few moments were magical. And it is all because of the writer who made it so.

A good voice for the book. Awesome audition. I’m 70% through Sand. Got caught up in school paperwork, so I couldn’t finish it in a couple of sittings, like it deserved two nights back. But to be honest, I’m in no hurry to finish it. I rather enjoy daydreaming about sand diving. That said, I have to admit something, because I can’t wrap my head around it. I can’t believe this is a NaNo book. Like really? Who the heck writes a book like Sand in a calendar month, and then goes ahead and publishes it a month after that? I mean, it’s even dripping with cool artwork. It, and everything about it, is one of the most awe-inspiring feats in the world of self-publshing in recent memory.

No digital rights protection, which means you can make copies, move the book to any device you want, convert it to a different file type. It’s unlocked and yours to do with as you please!

I love listening to audio books . I will definitely be listening to more of this story. Just wondering if I am gonna buy the audio book ,a hard copy,or a digital copy. Is there a bundle of all three?

Hugh Howey, you rock! I had no idea this blog existed, or that the audition was posted, or just how much your fans loved my read…(I mean, audition!) Thanks everyone! It was an absolute THRILL narrating your book. I just completed it days ago, and WOW is all I can say. It was riveting. Sci-fi is a new genre for me, and SAND was the perfect introduction. Many, many thanks!! –Karen

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