London Book Fair!

Today is the first day of the Fair, but we kicked it off yesterday at the Digital Minds conference. Best panel of my life was sitting at a table, gabbing with Bella Andre and Joanna Penn. Learned so much from the both of them. Wish I had the entire conversation recorded so I could go back to it over and over.

Dinner last night was also a highlight. Forced to give a toast, I said what was on my mind right then, which is that writing can be a solitary endeavor, that conferences are best for meeting colleagues, seeing old friends, and getting energized until we meet again. What followed was a three hour gab-fest that again, I wish I could revisit over and over.

Right now, I’m in the lobby of the hotel, gathering my things and our group, and about to head over to our booth. If you’re in the area, we’re at T730, right by the Kobo, Nook, and Kindle booths. Follow the sounds of laughter.

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  1. I completely agree about conferences being the opportunity to bring together all us crazy individuals, letting us catch up face to face, and giving us the energy to push ahead. Have fun in London! I’m totally jealous :)

  2. Envious. I shot up to London on Sunday night to meet with friends heading for the fair but was unable to attend due to family commitments.

  3. Sounds like an amazing panel. I get a lot of help from Joanna Penn’s website (as does just about everyone). Wish I could have attended. I’m in Paris for the week (for work), so can’t complain too much.

  4. I’m disappointed mainly of myself, since I was supposed to be at London his week, I would certainly go, but i had to postpone the trip to the end of the month.

    I hope you consider in May coming to bookfare here in Lisbon, you will be blown away for the sheer number of people the attend this bookfare. I would be happy to share a photo I taken last year.

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  6. It was awesome to meet you at LBF yesterday Hugh, and thanks again for taking such an interest in my journey so far. When you mentioned our chat in your seminar it was the highlight of my day :)

  7. I met you at the London Book Fair having just read Wool – I was the girl with an anchor pen :) I finished Dust today. Absolutely loved it! Possibly my favourite trilogy. Wish I could unread them so I would have the pleasure of reading them for the first time again. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

  8. Hello there!
    Your post is super!
    I recently went to a book fair and I loved it
    would be great to come upstairs more :)

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