A Sandy Daily Deal!

Sunday is Sanday, it seems. SAND is Amazon’s Daily Deal today, which means they’re practically giving away my latest novel for $1.99. Two bucks! Cheaper than a bag of actual sand at Home Depot! (Or a cup of coffee.)

Keep in mind that you don’t need to own a Kindle in order to read this. Practically any tablet, phone, laptop, or PC will work. There’s a free Kindle app for all of them. Also, the audiobook edition has been reduced to 99 cents for one day only (for those who own the e-book). For three bucks, you can get a brilliant and unabridged audio recording of SAND. If you ever wanted to pressure a friend or family member to give the novel a try, today is a day to save them some money.

Happy Sanday! Get some in your drawers!

21 responses to “A Sandy Daily Deal!”

  1. It would be interesting to know what effect that has on sales, even just in percentages if not actual figures. I think about half of my ebook purchases are Kindle Daily Deals that sound interesting (although they probably then account for 90% of the “pile of shame”, because – except for those glorious days where something already on my To Buy list is the Daily Deal – books I’ve set out to buy more deliberately almost always get chosen first when I’m deciding what to read next!).

    1. I had a Daily Deal in the past, and the sales went up more than 10X. The royalty is less, but it’s all about getting happy readers. :)

  2. since we already owned the kindle book, i jumped on the audiobook deal right away. the price came up as $1.99 no matter what i did (and it did show i already owned the kindle book). it’s no matter to me though! two bucks is a steal for the audiobook. i just wanted to let you know. thanks Hugh!

  3. First got Wool was as an Amazon Daily Deal and am very glad. I’ve greatly enjoyed all of the Silo books and have purchased both Kindle and Audible versions since. I recently borrowed Sand from my public library and am glad today to be able to purchase both versions for a great price. Really appreciate your “open access” approach to publishing. I also have Karma and a couple of other novellas. Do you have any recommendations for Silo books by other authors or reading order? Thanks so much for your good work!

    1. Just found the Fan Fiction link. Thanks!

  4. Just downloaded it! I loved the Wool series and can’t wait to tear into this one… oh yeah, I’m not working today. Why wait?!

  5. Done and done. This totally made my Sunday.

  6. Up to #86..woot!

  7. Or you could get it for $0.79 cents, as I just did! No, I promise I’m not cheating. I still had some credit leftover from that whole eBook settlement thing. So, yes, holy shit, I just got the entire Sand series for less than the cost of–that’s right folks, listen hard, come closer–a McDouble. Not only will I save myself 390 calories–twenty nine percent of which is fat–but I will most likely, as I ride my exercise bike while reading, burn thousands of calories instead! Yay, all hail Sanday!

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  9. Tomi Blinnikka Avatar
    Tomi Blinnikka

    Already up to #15 in the paid Kindle store!

    //Tomi B.

  10. #2 as of 7:57 pm, past Divergent.

    Go Sand!

  11. #2! Bought and read the entire omnibus this afternoon, couldn’t put it down, just like Wool..

  12. Is this deal for USA readers only? I’m in New Zealand and I can’t buy the deal.

  13. It’s been hanging at #2 for hours…c’mon, you can do it..

    Congrats Hugh:)

  14. I bought it at its regular price a while ago, finished reading it not too long ago, and was happy to have purchased it at that price. Really good story!

  15. Connie Fogg-Bouchard Avatar
    Connie Fogg-Bouchard

    seeing as i already have this fantastic set- i spread the news far and wide. i know of at least one person who bought it. one convert at a time…

    for the very best books!

  16. Sorry Hugh, but I’m dropping the entire $5.99 for Sand, some of which will be going to an online philosophy site that, imho, does some great work in the world. They’re part of Amazon’s affiliate program, and will get a small portion of the sale. Thanks for pricing your work so competitively to begin with!

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