Looking Ahead to 2015

First, a glance at the rearview mirror. 2014 was absolutely insane. For travel, it began with a trip to Taiwan, where WOOL has become the #1 bestselling science fiction novel of all-time. London, Berlin, Toronto, New York, Istanbul, and Budapest were just a few of the other stops. I’m leaving out over a dozen trips. It was both exhilarating and exhausting to trot around the globe this year. It’s why I won’t be jetting around quite as much in 2015.

As far as releases, 2014 saw the release of two novels: SAND and THE SHELL COLLECTOR. It was also the year I put out my first children’s book, MISTY, with Nidhi Chanani. The WOOL graphic novel and comics came out. Then there were three short stories published online: (GLITCH, SECOND SUICIDE, and PROMISES OF LONDON). Not to mention two anthologies edited and contributed to (THE END IS NIGH and THE END IS NOW).

I’m leaving a few releases out. By my count, it’s something like ten or twelve things wrapped up this year. Mostly from distant hotel rooms or while in the air.

So what’s next? I’m currently working on the sequel to SAND. I’m also writing a novel with one of my best friends and favorite authors. We hope it’ll be the first of many featuring the same cast of characters. The third and final entry on the Apocalypse Triptych will release next year, as will a couple other anthologies I contributed to. Conferences I’m slated to attend thus far are RWA in New York and Comic Con in San Diego.

2015 will also begin my transition back onto boats. I’ve got two deliveries scheduled in the next two months, both 50′ catamarans, which is what Amber and I are looking at moving aboard in the next year or two. I hope to also start writing some non-fiction next year, detailing my adventures as a yacht captain and my plans for sailing around the world. Don’t worry . . . I plan to keep writing fiction. I’ll just be doing it while on the move. Maybe the next Meet-Up you come to will be at a port near you as the book tour goes water-bound.

But that’s looking ahead to 2017. A lot to do before then.

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  1. Moving overseas, that is awesome. I don’t know how many writers dream that, but i do. To have no worries of finances, to travel the world and find a place that suits me.

  2. Putting on my fangirl hat (which is never far from my head when I’m here) to say how happy I am you’re planning a sequel to Sand.

  3. Are you planning to collect your short stories in an anthology?
    It would be great to have them in a single volume.

  4. Congratulations on a great year! I’m sure 2015 will be awesome!

  5. He’s not moving ‘over’ seas he’s moving ‘on’ seas :)

  6. What a year behind you, and what a year ahead of you, Hugh! I can only imagine what a joy it will be to be back on the sea.

    And I am SO looking forward to seeing your SAND sequel. I have that novella I’ve never finished that takes place in that world… still not sure how to end it, and I’ve promised it to KW. Maybe I should wait until you publish, so I can find out what you have in mind!

  7. You are seriously my idol, Hugh.
    Keep it up Captain!

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  9. What a great year! I just finished reading the Sand omnibus and I am SO happy you are writing a sequel to Sand!!! I can’t wait to read it! I wonder if a prequel to Sand would also be a possibility? How did the world get to that point? It might be an interesting read, but the sequel will be awesome! Thanks!

  10. Happy New Year neighbor. I live under a rock, down the street in West Palm Beach. I am pleased to have finally discovered your site, your works and your continuing adventure.

    As a newbie Indie Kid’s Author, I look forward to enjoying all of the above. More importantly, all of my friends will be thrilled to discover that I may be able to make connections with ANYONE else with an interest in discussing Indie Publishing. :)

    Happy 2015, 2016, etc.!!

  11. Greatly looking forward to Sand sequel. But …. Molly Fyde #5?

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