Making up Milestones!

Round number milestones are arbitrary, pointless, and loads of fun! Today we have two incredibly insane round numbers to celebrate. Over 10,000 reviews and ratings have been submitted on my books over at Goodreads. The average across all of these is 4.35. If you know GR reviewers, you know that this is beyond anything my works truly deserve. They’re just extra special nice to me for some reason over there.

The other kick-ass and completely made-up reason to celebrate is 100 Amazon reviews for THE PLAGIARIST! What an incredible and plucky little story. I wrote this as a final project in a college class I took for fun. It is similar to WOOL in length and tone, but while one has gone gangbusters, the other has enjoyed its quietude and slower burn. I love them both. (All parents say this, but we keep the truth to ourselves).

9 responses to “Making up Milestones!”

  1. “…you know that this is beyond anything my works truly deserve…”

    Either that, or you’re… yuh know… an awesome author! haha

    1. Hugh has a knack for being full of shit.

  2. Hugh,
    I love your work and website, but don’t you think you could find the time to review more than 1 Good Reads book?

  3. That’s funny. I just bought The Plagiarist about 10 minutes before reading this post. I look forward to reading it, Half Way Home and The Hurricane (which I also bought at the same time).

  4. You’re works truly deserve 4.35 plus much more! There are always some who wants to mess up the stats! You have got to get some more self confidence Hugh. You are the very, very best writer…… EVER!

  5. You’re coming up on 3,000 reviews on Amazon for all your works, and yet I think about happy you were in the Soulja Boy video for having 100 reviews of WOOL.


  6. Hugh,I regret that your WOOL‘s copyright has been purchased by another company.But I would like to congratulate you!Congratulations on your book will be published in China, you will have a lot of Chinese fans!
    Thank you for giving us such a good book and SFW look forward to cooperate with you in future

  7. “They’re just extra special nice to me for some reason over there.”

    Nonsense. GR reviewers can be brutal, that’s for sure. Getting good reviews and many stars there means you’ve earned it. Congrats on the excellent stats. :)

    The Plagiarist is a great story that gets little publicity or attention, even from Amazon. I never see it in recommendations or “also bought”. The growing number of reviews shows that readers will find the good stuff on their own – it just takes some time. Isn’t that cool, though?

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