Meet Wanda Jane Rainer: Monster Tamer!

I’m so excited to announce this book. It’s one of two new picture books created with the absolutely brilliant Maine Diaz, whose art I love and adore. The idea for the book and script came from Matt Mikalatos, my great friend and screenwriting partner.

Check out the product page on Amazon here. It’s on Kindle Unlimited if you have an account and want to read it for free. It’s absolutely gorgeous on a color tablet and brilliant in print. And suitable for all ages!

Here’s a video of me unboxing it for the first time and chatting with a few folks who tuned in live:

2 responses to “Meet Wanda Jane Rainer: Monster Tamer!”

  1. Well, Hugh, it seems to be on my intellectual level.

  2. I’m going to request my library pick up a copy.

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