New Book Release!

I’m over the moon to announce this one. After the amazing reception Elinor and I received for our post-card-apocalyptic THE BALLOON HUNTER, we immediately set to work on a sequel. Today it went live on Amazon!


These books have been a blast to put together. I’m telling you that there’s nothing else like them on the market. Not even close. We are doing things with the construction of these books that will blow your mind. If you don’t believe me, go read them for yourself. And then leave a review telling us what you think.

Both books are available on Kindle Unlimited, and I highly recommend reading them on a color tablet, your computer screen, or best yet get print copies. There’s nothing run-of-the mill about the way these stories are told, or what happens inside them.

You’ll see…

6 responses to “New Book Release!”

  1. I can’t wait! Been waiting on an audible version of Balloon Hunter. Will there be one? So long and thanks for all the books!

  2. A hard copy of this Edition as well?

  3. “Due to its large file size, this book may take longer to download”

    Never seen *that* warning before for a Kindle book, that’s for sure :)

  4. Hi Hugh,
    Just wondering if ‘Death to anyone who reads this’ will also be released in paperback?

    Love your work! Fingers crossed for a third Sand book!

  5. Dear Hugh,

    Are those two books available in printed form in Europe? Eg, they are out of stock in Amazon UK.

    Many thanks!

  6. AUDIBLE PLEASE! For Both. any time soon?! any idea on the audio actor?!

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