My Birthday Present to You!

I’m about to make my birthday a festive one for everybody! With Amazon’s new royalty system, whereby authors get 70% of a sale, rather than the old 30%, I’ve decided to revamp the look of my eBooks and offer them for much less money. I want these books to be priced where anyone will try them out, and even owners of the physical book will feel like they need to also grab a copy of the digital version.

All three Molly books are now available on the Kindle store for less than $4.00! The Parsona Rescue is priced at $2.99. If you have a friend with a Kindle who isn’t hooked on this series yet, tell them about these deals. You seriously can’t get this much action, adventure, romance, philosophy, and tense cliffhangers for such a great price.

Check out the entire series here.

Happy birthday, indeed!

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