“When?” you might ask.

Or, some of you might ask, instead: “WHEN???!?!!!?!?!”

“Soon,” I say.

I hope to have the first part out before Christmas. It all depends on whether I decide to release these serially as I finish them, or if I feel it might be better to have them all done first. This first part is about the same length as the first WOOL. And no, despite my love of 4-letter words, this world has nothing to do with that other world. It leans more toward dark fantasy, and there is a ton of cussing. I will have ample warnings in the book’s description.

This series will also be less allegory and more of an adventure/mystery story. At its heart, it’s about family. It’s about forgiveness. It is about enjoying life, no matter how shitty any one moment is, even if those shitty moments are all strung together on one unbroken line. I am trying to mix in a few of the recurring themes from my other books, simply because I enjoy doing that. So if you see something familiar, it won’t be by accident. :)

(And no, I haven’t forgotten about Molly or my romance novel. Just working through this story first.)

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  1. Exciting! I can’t wait either way.

    Could you tell us when “In the Air” and “Peace in Amber” are scheduled to come out?

    1. “In the Air” will come out in May, I believe. It’s going to be a part of an exciting new project. Should be announcing it in the next few weeks.

      “Peace in Amber” is with an editor right now. Cover art is being made up. I’m hoping to see it release before Christmas.

      Both of these are quite short, so don’t pine for them too much. I don’t know how either will be received, but I will say that they are two of my favorite (and most laborious) projects to date. Even if they aren’t understood, I’m glad I wrote them.

      1. Thank you, Hugh.

        I knew I’d love them both since the first time I saw the titles on your sidebar. (My hunches have been proven correct most of the time.) How could I not love another “Wool” story?! Looking forward to all the new books.

  2. Who is doing your covers now? This one is awesome.

    1. This was done by Jason Gurley. I’m spreading the love around. Two of my favorite cover designers are now staying pretty busy with other work. And now Jason won’t return my phone calls, either. I feel like Jon Stewart, who stays in one place while anyone he works with goes on to far higher fame. (A position I relish.)

      1. Will Swardstrom Avatar

        Jason Gurley is the man. The cover to Sand looks amazing. That’s all I have to say about that.

      2. I feel compelled to mention that Hugh has never called me, not once. Why, Hugh? Why?

        1. It’s a guy thing, Jason. Oh. Right. You’re both guys. Well, that’s just fine. You’ll both have to keep waiting for a phone call then.

          Or I could set up a three-way for us. Phone call that is! Hey!

          Seriously, AWESOME job on the cover. I trust Hugh’s writing will be worthy… ;-)

        2. I call, but you don’t answer!

  3. Is it bad that I just squealed? I just squealed.

    Thank you- that’s all I have to say. Thank you.

    1. Yeah, well, I peed myself a little when I saw the cover. So you’re good.

      1. Too funny! We’ll just keep that to ourselves.

  4. Well, wow. That is a *gorgeous* cover. Thanks for always giving your fans something to look forward to!

  5. Hollis Matyssek Avatar

    Looking forward to reading something by you as a Christmas treat, at any rate! Greetings from Berlin!!

  6. Serialize! :)

    sounds very interesting. I wonder what I would think of TV having never seen one or anything like it before.

  7. I will read anything you write.

    And that is a spectacular cover. Jason has outdone himself.

  8. Sounds awesome .. cant wait :)

  9. As much as I hate serials, I love them at the same time. Wool and my Kindle seriously brought me back into the world of reading again and I thank you for that.

    This sounds great just by the little bit of description you gave and the cover even more so. Can’t wait, serial or full novel!

  10. Awesome! Just awesome! Marvellous cover. Can’t wait to see the inside. You might make me like fantasy again.

  11. Kathy Czarnecki Avatar

    Hoping you release serially but if not, I just discovered Mira Grant. Will give me plenty of time to read Newsflesh series. Really enjoying your posts from the other side of the world!

  12. I love the cover, Hugh. It sounds like an interesting read too. :) I can’t wait to check it out.

  13. Wait – is that Sand I see? Let me just dust of the progress meter over there..whoa, it IS Sand!
    Dang near forgot it was there! Heh.

    I vote for this cover, too. It’s wonderful!

  14. I can’t wait for all of these new projects. And the cover art for SAND has me greatly intrigued. Mission accomplished Hugh!

  15. I vote serial! Grape nuts or Shredded Wheat are my favorites.

  16. That is a great cover. If I had never heard of you and knew nothing about this book, it would be the first book I grabbed in a book store. I really want to read it.

  17. The first thing that popped in my head when I saw the cover is Neil Graham’s “American Gods” story (Buried gods and artifacts of the old world). I can not wait!

  18. Amazzziiiiiinnnnggg!


    And please write me down for order all books of these series as first print, signed, doodles, lined, dated, colored and so on… ^^

    Of there are proof-reding-copies… you have my adress ^^

    YOu made my day, thanks Hugh!

    1. Spelling error: “Of there” means of course “If there”!

      I also forgot to ask: do you have some news for the german release of Shift and Dust. Your last info was, that they are starting planning minimum the third book. So probably after visiting Germany last month you got newer news?

      Thanks, Torben

  19. Count me in as another one of the ”WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN!?!?!?!?!?!?”-ers. I had to stifle a Flint Lockwood gasp. :D

  20. I am so wicked siked!!!

  21. You’re writing a romance novel?

  22. Just read the first 5 chapters through your newsletter!! Brilliant!! All I can say is, hurry up!!! In the nicest possible way of course. You have a brilliant way of capturing the moment and drawing the reader right into it. I can’t wait to read more!

  23. Hey Hugh,

    Loved the Silo series — thank you so much. And Shift is one of the five best sf novels that I have ever read.

    Three questions:

    1. When do you think that you may be coming back to do an adult sf novel again?

    2. Any chance that you might return to the world of Silo, with perhaps a novel set decades after the conclusion of Dust?

    3. Are you ever going to make it out to California at some point for a book signing or other event/convention?

    1. 1. I’m working on SAND right now, which is speculative fiction, but with major scientific liberties taken.
      2. It’s possible. I’m writing three short stories set in the world of WOOL with an announcement any day now about where they’ll be available.
      3. I think I hit Cali 7 times this year! I’ll be back before long.

  24. Love the cover image and excited to read this. The cover really exudes wonderful ideas about the potential story.

    Will be especially interested to see if you serialize or not.


  25. Thanks for making the first few chapters of Dust available Hugh. When do you think it will be out in book form? Can’t wait to lose myself in another of your worlds. I am also interested in the three new Wool stories. Will they be published as three separate books of in one book. Either way I want all of them.

  26. I’m so stoked about this new Nano book. Sand. Fantasy? I’m intrigued . . .

  27. Hugh, You are going to have another blockbuster again! Just read the first chapters of Sand and if forced to decide between serialized or finished product, I’d have to go with serialized because it’s just too good to wait for. The concept of sand diving really amazed me. Thanks!

  28. Ah, stories having to wait their turn. Sounds oh so very familiar. :)

    Just think of the dance I have to do between writing scripts for film and TV — have a series under consideration now at a Network — and writing the sequel to Martuk … the Holy as well as the next installment in the short fiction collection. Sleep? What’s that?

    No one ever told me I was gonna have to spin so many plates when I signed up for this writing gig. ;-)

    By the way, love, love, love that cover, Hugh.

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