Signed Books and Thumb Drives

For those who have inquired about when signed books will be available again, the answer is: Now. And also: For now.

If you check the drop-down links on the sidebar, there is an option for purchasing signed copies. I’m setting this up a full two weeks before I get home, so everyone who wants one has a chance. I plan on keeping the links active through the first of the year.

Signed books became impossible to handle during my heavy travels, and I have more trips coming up in 2014, so this is as much of a window as I can manage. I’ll be sending these out less often but in larger batches. The first couple of shipments should arrive well ahead of Christmas. Oh, and the Thumb Drives are back. They are identical to the last set with the inclusion of a copy of Lightspeed magazine (with my story DEEP BLOOD KETTLE on it). I have 400 of these, which should be enough for everyone (famous last words. I said this last time).

6 responses to “Signed Books and Thumb Drives”

  1. Awesome. Time to buy Molly Fyde!

  2. W00t! I ordered a thumb drive this time. And paid for it via PayPal.

    However, it didn’t ask me for my address, which was peculiar. I know we’ve met, Hugh, but I don’t imagine you’ve memorized my address. Though if you plan to deliver these to everyone in person, that would be cool. Could be time-consuming, I imagine.

    Did I miss something in ordering?

  3. Yes! Just placed the order for the USB drive. I’ll put it in the safe of level 34 of my basement. Too bad there is no way to sign it. :)

  4. Kathy Czarnecki Avatar

    I’m scared already. Finally getting I Zombie.

  5. Woo hoo! Just got my newsletter! YOU ROCK! Nowwwwwwww, I’m dying for the rest of Sand!

  6. I’ll have to let my wife know to get me one of the thumb drives for either my b-day or xmas. Both are soon enough that she won’t let me get anything for myself now.

    In your next travels in 2014, come to Naperville, Il to Anderson’s.

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