NaNoWriMo – Day One

2,600 words so far. The average daily output needs to be 1,666.67 to reach that 50,000 milestone by the end of the month. My target is going to be 3,000/day, just in case my signing events and travel time knock me out of commission every now and then.

So, what am I writing about, you might ask. I didn’t decide until this morning. I kept bouncing back and forth between a non science fiction book I’ve been dying to get out, and one I just dreamt up a month ago. I settled on the latter, as I’m not sure I could do the research needed to give the former its propers.

So, the book is entitled “Half Way Home.” I’m sure the title has been used several times already, but unless you pepper your manuscript with neologisms like “Parsona” and “Fyde,” you’re guaranteed to be copying something that’s already been done.

The book tells the story of a colony settlement on a distant planet. Told from the perspective of the colony’s psychologist, it is going to be (I hope) a very different look at the trials and tribulations of human expansion. Not a story of things that go right, or things that go wrong, but something in-between.

In keeping with the communal nature of NaNoWriMo, I’m going to try and update you guys with how things are going, but more than that, I’m going to give you samples of my writing. Unedited and unapologetic, it will give you an idea of the rough stone out of which I chisel the final work. Look for something very soon.

Oh, and here’s my profile. If you’re participating, please add me as a buddy.

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