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New Shirts!

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Love the first one, in that nice teal. When/where can we buy these?

And Hugh… I notice that you stepped away from the camera for your T-shirt switch. Did you think we couldn’t handle the magnificence? :-P

You make me smile. I’m so not a hugger. So, this t-shirt makes me smile even more, because I’m imagining all the weird looks I would get wearing one.

I’ve been terribly disappointed by so much negativity on the internet lately, so I applaud your ability to add positivity and encouragement to the world.

You’re not by any chance attending RT Booklovers in a few weeks, are you? Would love to meet you.

LOL I am not a hugger either and thought the same thing. I love the sentiment but people know I am not a hugger so I think folks would view it as ironic on me.

I love the t shirts and I love the positive message. You have been a great influence on me and I believe that I am a much more positive person as a result.

Those shirts are awesome, Hugh! I’m sure Liliana will love it, and if I make it to BEA I’d be honoured to wear one.

Your dog is the cutest! She’s so happy to have you back. :)


the big stage was to small ^^

Love this video! Very good! I looked in my in-email-account but thgere was no mentioning of my Sand-proof-win. Must be a mistake…check it please ^^ *joking!

All the best for you, Torben

A great quote by Oscar Wilde comes to mind “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”

These shirts are fabulous!! My hubby is a total hugger so I’ve got to get one for him. I’m absolutely NOT a hugger so I’ll get one for me because everyone will think its funny that I’m wearing it! And Bella is oh so adorable :)

I love the doggie one and the positive philosophy. I’d wear one at BEA for sure and spread the love! It was great meeting you at PubSmart and hearing your positive spin on the negativity in the industry. Love it! See you in NY at Author Hub. Now back to writing….. Lara

“What people think about me doesn’t change who I am.” I LOVE that. I need to write it on my whiteboard and keep it there. Great shirts too! I want one with a dalmatian on it!

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