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Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

The Silo

I found the Silo in London. And check out the poster at the bottom!

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Thanks for posting! Enjoyed the discussion. My other students will be sorry they missed it.

The life of a Porter must be difficult with 144 flights like this! Thank you so much for your discussion and for clearing up a few things. Looking forward to picking up more of your titles. It was pleasure meeting both you and your wife! Thank you again.

Posters for the whole Wool series in the tube is a nice touch. someone is getting all kinds of love from their UK BPH.

Very cool! Feels very similar to the images you created in this readers mind. Was waiting for a porter to crash into me!

The only thing better than seeing the advertising placement would have been you sitting there signing copies at a table in front of it!

YES, impromptu signing in the tube…that would be cool.

Actually, I’m kinda surprised Hugh didn’t tweet/FB that he was at that location and hang out to see who showed up for the selfie photo-op.

That’s awesome, especially with the poster for your books there! There’s a metro station in Paris that’s a little deeper, 36 metres or a little over 200 steps.

Those green tiles at the top remind me of the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter films.

I took these stairs once. Interesting experience, but if I can avoid to do that again I won’t complain.

The infamous Covent Garden tube station stairway. Imagine having to do that every day. Or even better, read the books!

You should try those stairs at rush hour. Brings new meaning to claustrophobic.

So, “The Next Hunger Games” is it? Does this mean movies and red carpets and even more fame and money than you have already, and you’ll never deign to speak to us common people ever again? No taking you out for a beer when we get to Jupiter, no playing with Bella in the backyard when we visit, no swapping recipes with your wife or seafaring stories with you. You’ll be too much the social butterfly. Oh, well. (Loved the selfie video about the new shirts, by the way.)

Oh my God that is seriously awesome! You really can’t get more practical press than that! Oh and good job with the stairs :) You were traversing up them at a very moderate pace, I think you could definitely live in a silo, lol!

How cool is that? :D Kept waiting for porters to rush by! Even the video felt claustrophobic (and the stairs were essentially empty!)

I imagined the silo almost like the Guggenhiem.
Stopped by a Barnes and Noble, not one of your books in the store, couldn’t believe it, so now Barnes and Noble is for leather journals and cups of coffee for me, I will stick with my Kindle for reading, and Amazon for hard copies.

Oooh I’ve climbed those stairs, that’s Covent Garden isn’t it? I need to go and do the London Tourist thing again, not been for a few years now.

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