New York Times Bestseller. Again.

Absolutely amazing. You crazy cats have made WOOL a New York Times Bestseller once again. The book hit four of the lists:

#8 on NYT Paperback Fiction list
#32 on NYT Hardcover Fiction list
#16 on NYT Hardcover + Paperback combined
#27 on ebook list

This is despite Barnes & Noble choosing not to support the book (a book written by a former employee). The hardback list is also surprising considering most places aren’t giving readers the choice between the two. Which means your demand and support made this happen, not booksellers, not publishers, and not me. That’s damn amazing.

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  1. Taylor Anderson Avatar
    Taylor Anderson

    You rock Hugh!! Hopefully we can get you to numero uno sometime soon! Your truly an amazing writer that has a real obvious dedication in connecting with his fans. Your welcome in Dallas anytime!!!

    1. I’d love to come to Dallas!

      1. Taylor Anderson Avatar
        Taylor Anderson

        Just let me know when and where and i’ll spread the word around Big D once your off your west coast/east coast blitz!

  2. Sweet. Yeah, our local B&N said they had 5 on order, but it was cheaper for them to mail me the paperback. So I bought it last week as well. ;)

  3. Hugh,
    A little off subject: Are you now a member of SFWA? I’m curious if Wool now qualifies.
    Dude, I want to see you on the ballot for a Hugo or Nebula. Wool, deserves one.

    1. Yes, I’m a member. No, I will not be on the ballot. No way in hell.

      1. Consider my curiosity peaked:
        I’m a huge fan of your writing and you. You’re very approachable and have earned everything you have got. You can plead the fifth, but why wouldn’t you be on the ballot for 2013?
        In my humble opinion Wool is better than anything out right now, and I’m sure more readers than not would agree with me.
        At any rate, you ever come to Dayton, Ohio or the vicinity, consider dinner and drinks on this guy.

        1. Let me give you my interpretation of Hugh’s comment: “No, I will not be on the ballot. I would pee myself if I *were* on the ballot, but I don’t dare even think about that. Now I’m sticking my fingers in my ears so I can’t hear you any more. LA LA LA LA LA!”

  4. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to meeting you in Charleston. You make a mighty fine excuse to spend a couple days in Charleston and spend some time with my dad too.

  5. Congratulations Mr. Howey, well deserved.

    I just picked up the paperback here in Iceland and am about half-way through. The writing is better than I expected (not being cynical, I just thought it would read faster, thriller-style, and be worse-written, on account of it’s popularity and starting out self-published. Blame E. L. James) and your characters are complete and believable.

    May you reach the #1 spot next week.

  6. Congratulations!
    Last I heard, the B&N here in Charlottesville was sold out. I had to get my hardback from Amazon. Now all I need is your signature on it :-)

  7. You’re damn amazing Hugh! Your fans wouldn’t push so hard if WOOL wasn’t so awesome!

    I’m really hoping you get the opportunity to swing through Utah on your tour, but if you don’t I won’t be offended :)

  8. Congrats Bro! So glad to be a part of it. I’m still cracking up over the rock climbing wall. By the way I’ve worked with Mr. Tyson a couple of times. A very nice man but he’s no Hugh Howey.

  9. That’s great! I went to a Barnes and Noble in Orlando and they weren’t stocking it. I was told I could order it from them and they would mail it to me. It was nice to see that they had all those non-NYT Bestsellers for me to choose from, though. This just proves to me that B&N’s problems are not caused by Amazon or by paper books dying; they’re caused by stupid business decisions.

  10. I tossed my copy of the Wool Omnibus into a care package going to soldiers in Afghanistan. I was going to keep it safe and perfect, but my 14yo got to it, dog-eared it, and curved the binding. Now I’ll have to go to my local B&N and ask for it.

  11. Is there any more doubt that *you* are Juliette Nichols?

    IT, I mean BN, throw Hugh a big party already and let the cash come rolling in.

  12. I had you sign my Kindle in Seattle (Stephen King; The Stand email guy), but I ordered the paperback from Amazon this morning. I knew I’d find something to use that Christmas gift card on, woot! Anyway, I actually don’t think it’s possible for someone to read Wool without expounding upon its genius to other readers, so I’d be shocked if it didn’t keep climbing the charts *fingers crossed.*

  13. Congratulations to you, Hugh! (And shame on B&N. Their loss. Again.) :-)

  14. Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations! I am not at all surprised.

    I’m reading WOOL all over again and am even more impressed this time. Seriously, and not sucking up… the character building, the reveals, the world details, the language are all top notch… I paid less attention the first time because I was rushing through for plot enjoyment. And now that I know the whole picture, I’m able to enjoy it as the story unfolds and I get all those clues that I missed before.

    Truly an awesome job, Hugh. You deserve all your success.

    Rest up a bit before you go gallivanting again! Kiss your dog and pet your wife. Oops. I mean…


    1. Patrice, ditto that. Hugh, is it legit for me to include quotes from your blogs in a book review for Perihelion? Success of your novel allows you to quit the day job, but with all these book tours and readers contacting you via social media, do you need to crawl underground a while to shut out the world and write? Does success like yours motivate you to keep writing? And…am I the only reader who thinks Lukas is ineffectual and unworthy of the woman who risks so much for him?

  16. Yep. You’re right. We totally rule.

  17. Hugh,

    I’ve put links to your WSJ article out in Twitterland and messages to other self-pub authors and readers who are thrilled that I shared your discovery.

    Your openness is grately appreciated. Your revealing personality is what the industry has chugged along without for too long.

    Would you explain what you mean by Barnes & Noble not supporting your book?

    Extending my hand to you with a firm shake. Your success is a huge step not only for you, but for many authors who will follow.

    Thanks, Hugh.

    1. Reilly: B&N has been very slow to stock the book, even with customer demand. I’ve called a dozen or more stores as I’ve moved around on book tour (hoping to pop in and sign stock), and I’m told over and over that the book is only available for “home delivery.” Several clerks said something along the lines of: “Oh, that book.” They have people asking for it, but they haven’t stocked it. Which means more sales for indies, airport bookstores, and Amazon! :)

  18. Congratulations Hugh. This is just amazing!

  19. Congrat’s Hugh! Wish you a speedy trip to #1.

    “…despite Barnes & Noble choosing not to support the book (a book written by a former employee).”

    I think that’s a terrible (and shallow) sign when corporate politics result in choices like that. Managers putting their personal preferences above what could be good for customers. God forbid they carry a book by one of those evil “Zon-Indie” writers.

    Nope. Can’t do it.

    It’s like the e-book that got yanked from Apple because it had a single link to Amazon in it. Apple blasphemy!

    Meanwhile Amazon has entire pages devoted to selling Apple products. Bezos doesn’t care about politics, he cares about giving customers what they want. Apple products are going to sell no matter what and Amazon gets a cut while keeping customers happy. It makes all the anti-Amazon stone throwing comical at this point. It’s all about customers. “Evil” Amazon gets it. Seemingly, very few others do.

    1. I don’t believe that B&N is boycotting WOOL alone.. according to the WSJ they are POed at S&S in general, so they are boycotting that publisher’s new titles.

  20. Wait. You mean Barnes and Noble still exists? Not sure I believe you.

  21. Who needs B&N? Hehe. Not you! Congrats Hugh! Very well deserved. I bought both a hardcover and a paperback, haha. So glad to see you on all those lists. Very excited for you :).

  22. Yay! Congrats! You are becoming my favorite author, despite some of your “choice” words…LOL….

    I’m about to get WOOL on audio and listen it all over again, especially after just finishing the SILO series. You are awesome Hugh Howey, simply awesome!!!

  23. Until B&N resolves their “grudge” with S&S, unfortunately, there may be a “shortage” of Wool.

  24. Well B&N may be idiots, but the Target in Westwood, CA was smart and stocked Wool. I was out there on business and ran into Target to get toothpaste and stumbled on your book. I started it on the plane back to NYC and was reading in baggage claim at midnight and in the cab home. Could not put it down!! Just bought and started First Shift…I have a feeling I will be up all night…..

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