Silo Hits #25 in Germany

It was pure and awesome coincidence that the US release of WOOL coincided with the German release of SILO. Both hit store shelves on March 12th. The day after hearing that WOOL made the NYT lists, I hear from my German publisher that Silo will debut at #25 on their hardback bestseller list. Very happy for a publisher who took a chance on my work and went all-out with the release.

5 responses to “Silo Hits #25 in Germany”

  1. I’m assuming Silo is the German version of Wool. If so, why the name change?

    At any rate, congrats!

  2. So Happy for you Hugh,you deserve this ;)

  3. The phrase “Pull the wool over your eyes” doesn’t exist in other languages. That’s why in Germany they named the boom SILO or in Spain Espejismo (“Mirage”) instead of LANA (Wool in spanish).

  4. Congratulations, again.

    Another Independant appears to be on his way, Andy Weir, The Martian, audiobook just came out, MGM has optioned his book and he is preparing to negotiate a book deal.

    You two are awsome, glad all your hard work is being rewarded.

  5. So happy to hear that this amazing series is getting the credit it deserves. Congratulations Mr. Howey!

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