NYC Meet-Up Part II?

Everyone loves a sequel, right? It appears that I’ll be in NYC from the 29th to the 31st. I’ll have a few things going on, but if we wanted to meet up again at the Tap Room (wasn’t that the name of the joint?) I’d be up for it. Wednesday night would probably be best.

Chime in below, all three of you.

6 responses to “NYC Meet-Up Part II?”

  1. Oh, this would be such fun! Lucky New Yorkers — I usually work Wednesday evenings, so this would be a tough trip for me. :-( One word for you, Howey: BOSTON.

  2. Come to Columbus, Ohio. The cows are lovely this time of year!

  3. I’m still waiting for your Baltimore Stop. You obviously have yet to realize the beauty of Charm City. What with one of the highest murder rates, highest percentage of people with gonorrhea and syphillis, and working hard to lead the US in violent crimes, I just don’t get it. We do have a kick-a$$ football team, and apparently a baseball team to boot. Let me know when we can welcome you (I assume wearing my WOOL shirts around town MUST have spawned a massive WOOL following!)

  4. Oh and for the record, I have never murdered anyone, am disease-free, and all of my crimes are done in the most peaceful of manners. :)

  5. Here’s two fans in NYC who’d love to meet up! (my husband and I)

  6. I’m a New Yorker and your dates work great. I just finished the Omnibus and would love to buy you a drink.
    Safe travels.

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