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Bestselling author of Wool and other books. Currently sailing around the world.

Off to Frankfurt!

I’m leaving on Monday for the Frankfurt book fair, and then to promote overseas releases in a few countries. Hopefully I’ll think of something to blog about while I’m gone, but things could get a bit quiet around here. Oh, and NaNoWriMo is around the corner. Start brainstorming!

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Have a great trip! Take pictures

oh wait…

Anyway… Too bad you couldn’t have scheduled your trip a week earlier and took a train ride down to Munich for Oktoberfest. I’ve got a friend there now, and I think it just ended. Have fun anyway!

Damn, wanted to go there tomorrow, now laying down with a winter influenza…

Hopefully i recover till tomorrow…

Damn, damn, other later possibilities the days after to visit you?

Please post a schedule!

Thanks Hugh and welcome to Germany!!!

Bon voyage!

I had a Wool-inspired dream last night.

I was watching one of those TV programs like “Extreme Homes,” and the episode was about a community that lived in a silo. But this silo was pretty posh. There were lots of hanging plants, and a nice cafe with a patio outside. The coolest thing was the main entrance. Apparently, there was some sort of deep moat or pit you had to cross, so the community modified ski lifts or gondolas to carry people over it. But in place of regular gondolas, there were wonderful rustic hand-carved wooden lifts in every configuration. You could stand up as you rode with your feet on a crossbar while holding onto a beautiful pole of polished driftwood, or you could lie on your stomach looking down at the chasm below.

The line to ride these lifts was understandably long, so I just went through the cafe entrance instead. As soon as I entered, I turned around to see a shark flying through the air and getting lodged in the door, blocking the only accessible entrance.

I am not making up a word of this. In my defense, I do have a bad cold.

Haven’t been to Germany since the wall came down but Bavaria is especially beautiful and breathtaking. Hope you get some down time to enjoy the scenery [and the beer!] while you’re there. And I hope Amber gets to join you for some of it at least… My husband proposed to me while we were there in 1984. :-)

Enjoy and Guten Tag!

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