Japan Edition!

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  1. Very nice! I’d love one — I don’t read Japanese, of course — but those are great!

  2. Kanji makes all things cool. Love the diptych cover.

    You should seriously think about selling a collage of all the international covers. They’re great. It’s fascinating to see how different artists conceptualize the story.

  3. Really cool…! Where are you located on Saturday this week in Frankfurt? Can you tell me this?

    1. Hey Torben,

      I have a 9:10 train out of Frankfurt on Saturday. Are you around today at all?

  4. Hugh, thank you for showing the Japanese translation of “Wool” during your busy days in Germany.

    It’s great that the publisher, Kadokawa Shoten, decided to choose the bunko format (an equivalent of paperback, about 4 x 6 inches). This more affordable format is easy to carry and read on the go. And bunko books do come with a little bookmark, like the white piece of paper you showed at the end of the video. This one has the publisher’s name on it.

    The diptych covers are so well-done. I have to say they’re the very best among the international editions you’ve shared with us so far. (OK, maybe it’s my partiality. But I love this kind of care and attention given to a book.) Beautifully and meticulously executed art with the original title at the top, the Japanese one below it (ウール), your name (ヒュー・ハウイー) in the middle and the translator’s name just below it (I’d have died to have the job . . . ).

    The one with the brighter colored cover in your right hand is 1 of 2 (上) and the darker one is the second half (下). It’s relatively common for Japanese translations to come in 2 or even 3-volumes for a long novel.

    The one thing I’m so glad to see is that the original title “Wool” is kept instead of something a bit different as some European publishers did. I personally didn’t like the title “Silo.”

    Now finally many of my friends can enjoy the story and share my love for the series!
    Looking forward to more news from Europe.

  5. […] Wool Goes East – Post and video from Hugh Howey, because I felt it was time we started giving him more air time. He shows off the japanese edition of Wool, which looks pretty cool. I’ll also talk about the graphic novel, which is actually really awesome. That’s published via Amazon’s new imprint. The sample is worth a look. […]

  6. Just ordered both from Amazon Japan. I’ve never ordered a foreign edition but these are too cool.

    By the way, they have your last name spelled incorrectly on the Amazon Japan site (Howie). Minor details of course :)

  7. Just in case anyone is wondering, the illustrator who created the Japanese “Wool” cover is Mr. Toru Kageyama. You’d be amazed by his beautiful work showcased on his page from the Tokyo Illustrators Society website:


  8. That is a REALLY cool set of Wool books. I wonder what the odds of getting the illustrator to do some remarques in a set. That would be sweet!

  9. Japanese books are a work of art. They simply have such an artful way with paper… any type of paper, from wrapping paper to greeting cards, to books. I may have to order a set too, just because… And I like Steve’s idea of a collage of all the international covers. It would make a fantastic wall poster.

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